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Sony BD-5300S-0B 12x Internal BD-RW Blu-ray Burner

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Great price


I was building system from scratch and decided to include this BR burner in it.  The price was right and the reviews on newegg seemed good enough.  I like the speed it burns discs at. It is multiformat too, which means it records any media you use.  That's good because early BR burners were not capable of this.  Besides great burning rate (haven't had a failed record yet) it plays all the discs fine.  I'm yet to see a skipping movie.  It playes DVD's, CD's and BR's.  It is compatible with Windows 7 but I'm having problems getting it running under Ubuntu.  I don't really care because I can quickly load into Windows and record.  I'm big on recording home movies and pictures to back them up.  I had too many failed hard drives to just cound on them.  It has a SATA interface so make sure you have enough connectors in your computers.  It also has a one year warranty which is always good, especially with media drives.

Carol Stream, IL


Sony BD-5300S-0B 12x Internal BD-RW Blu-ray Burner

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