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Sony (60 GB) Flash Media Camcorder

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LOve love love this camera!


I got this camera when my little girl was born and I have not put it down since. It is so easy to use, small and compact and takes beautiful pictures as well as video. It is easy to set up and plug in to the computer to view your photos and video. I love that it is all in one and I do not need a separate camera when I bring this along with me. I also have a sony camera but I stopped using it when I realized how nice the pictures were from this camcorder. I would highly recommend this camera. There are so many options out there and you it is very overwhelming trying to choose the best camera for your buck. This camera is  not cheap but I did get it at a very good price when it was on sale last year. I was also worried about it becoming obsolete quickly but I don't see me changing cameras anytime soon. You can even take pictures while you are filming so that you never miss a shot! If yur picture requires a flash however, it will not come out clear in the video mode I would highly recommend this camera!!


Astoria, NY


Picture Clarity is Amazing


This High Definition 1920x1080i camcorder simply records an amazing picture that needs no tapes.  It records the video directly to the built in hard-drive which you can then download to your computer and easily burn to a DVD with the supplied software.  We bought it to document our new baby and the colors and clarity of the picture are very life-like.  As if you are watching a television broadcast that you created yourself.  The picture quality is simply unmatched in personal camcorders today.  It even takes 10.2 MP still pictures that are actually good quality.  Typical still picture quality on a camcorder is a joke and could never replace an actualy digital camera, but this is the first camcorder that could make owning a separate digital camera obsolete.  Just push the still picture button while recording video and it will take a digital picture at the same time.  It can do both at once.  Simply amazing.  No fumbling for multiple electronic devices to capture the most important moments in your families life.  Sony simply makes the best hand-held video cameras available to the public with great low light picture quality which covers just about any real life situation that you need to capture on video.  Highly recommended.


Renton, WA


Sony HDR-SR11 is awesome!


The Sony HDR-SR11 is money well spent! I love the face detection technology. I am amazed at how much recoding space is available on the camera and you can add a memory stick to get more storage. I do wish the battery it came with held more charge time, but at least you can get a larger battery (expensive though). Right now I do not have a way to make HD DVD's from my recordings so I am recording in the standard def. mode & it looks amazing! I am very pleased with my purchase!!!


Wichita, KS


Sony (60 GB) Flash Media Camcorder

4.7 3