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Sony 49" Class 3D 4K UHD TV - XBR49X850B


Sony XBR 49X850B - 49" Class ( 48.5" viewable ) - BRAVIA XBR X850B Series 3D LED TV with camera - 4K UHDTV (2160p) - frame dimming - black

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Bought this for our hearth room and love it!


We hung this on our wall in the hearth room, which is attached to our kitchen. It's great because it swivels and I can turn it while I'm cooking, etc. The picture is very clear, even with all the surrounding windows. The sound is good and the size is just right for our space. I think we picked the perfect TV. Sony has held its' name in quality.

Overland Park, KS


Sony 49" Class 3D 4K UHD TV -


Good picture quality, great I purchased this UHD TV from a big box store few day ago. Before getting this TV I bought the Sony KDL-60W630B, which is a 1080P FullHD TV. If you don't care for 3D or 2160P utraHD get The Sony has slightly better colors, black levels, more motionflow options, and better side viewing. Not to mention paying a lot less for a bigger screen. I kind of regret returning it because I couldn't really tell the difference between FullHD on the KDL-60W630B and upscale FullHD to UltraHD on the This can just be me and you may have a different experience. Now onto the review. Picture Quality From what I can see it is very good. Black levels are good in most scenes, but because of the frame dimming technology it will vary. Colors look rich and vibrant a different look than samsung TVs. I personally like the way this TV renders colors. The upscaler on this television is top notch and produces very nice and sharp upscaled FullHD and native UltraHD content. This tv uses sony's motionflow 240 which is the lowest end of this technology. I can't tell the difference between this and the sony motionflow 480 from the KDL-60W630B. The difference that I know is more options on the motionflow 480. Motionflow 240 has the options off, standard, and smooth. Motionflow 480 has off, standard, smooth, clear, and pulse. There might be one more for motionflow 480, but i can't remember. The sony has a native 120Hz refresh rate which to my knowledge is just trickery. The only LCD panels that actually have real 120-144Hz are gaming computer screens. For the most part you can be rest assured that is a real 60Hz panel. I have not tried playing games with my PC on the TV yet. The TV seems to have low input lag when playing my xbox360. Just make sure to select game from the scene select option lasses. They are passive and no batteries and very light. a Blu-Ray 3D DVD. After the disk went into the player, the TV displayed a notice of "3D Content Detected". I didn't have to do anything else except put on the 3D glasses. It was exactly like being at the local theater except you had a bonus. You could hit the 3D button on the remote and change the depth of how far you wanted the images to pop out to you from the screen. With 3D, your TV screen appears to be a window and you are looking out into a real world

ny San ave


Sony 49" Class 3D 4K UHD TV - XBR49X850B

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