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Sony 15.5-inch VAIO E Series Laptop SVE15134CXW

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How Sony Vaio is important to me


My Sony Vaio laptop is perfect for me. After using a Toshiba Netbook for years, having a Vaio is amazing. I love the wider screen, and the more spacious keyboard. Plus it is faster and has more memory. And the webcam is attached, so I don't need to worry about not having one. It's much easier to navigate, and it came with Window's 8 at the time I bought it, which was a BIG step up from 7. Ease of Use Sony Vaio has Windows 8, and if you can work an iPhone, you can pretty much work Window's 8. It's so much faster than Windows 7 and it has all your apps on one page, so you don't need to search through folder after folder after folder to find what you need or want. And it has a dummy proof instruction manual on the laptop itself so you never lose it either. Battery Life The battery life on this thing is impressive. I have it unplugged sometimes for hours on end, and don't even know it is till it blinks to tell me it is finally about to die. And as long as you are not doing 60 billion things at once, it will last a couple hours or more before it drains completely. Support & Service Customer support is awesome. I had a blue screen from a virus and it screwed up my laptop and they were able to log into my laptop after walking me through a factory reset, and then downloaded, remotely, everything I would need to make it work again to the settings it was when I bought it from them. And it was so easy and fast that I don't think I could have done it alone. I would have surely messed something up. And when the charger stopped working because my son bent it wrong, they shipped me a new one within the week, and I was back up and running in no time. S&S is so very congenial for Sony. Speed/Performance The processing speed on this is amazing. With it's Intel Core i3, it is the fastest laptop I have ever owned. And I love that I barely wait for anything to load anymore. It's all rather instant, whereas my old laptop seemed like I was waiting for hours for one app to load. I have no issues with speed or performance on this laptop and would recommend it for most online gamers. Design The design on this Vaio is structurally sound. And it has 3 USB ports and a USB3 port as well. It has built in microphone and webcam, and headphone microphone jacks. An HDMI port to connect it to a TV, a LAN port, and a Second screen port as well, so you could plug it into another laptop or desktop screen. And it has a DVD RW drive, so you can watch movies, or burn them. It has a multi direction touch pad and backlit keyboard as well, so you can type in the dark and still see what you are typing. Durability There is an anti-shake on the hard drive, so that it will not crash if you drop it accidentally. With the exception of a charger cord bending the wrong way and not working after, I would say that this laptop will last me quite a few years still. And it was an easy fix for that, so even that is rather durable.



Sony 15.5-inch VAIO E Series Laptop SVE15134CXW

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