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Solofill Solofill Cup

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Seems to be good so far


We just recently started to use the solofill cups for our Keurig OfficePro coffee machine. We had been wanting to try them since December to save a little on the cost of coffee as the K-cups can be a little expensive. Unfortunately every time that we checked the manufacturer's website they were out of stock. We were finally able to get a couple to try. The initial cost was somewhat expensive on top of the coffee machine itself. Also, when we selected the coffee, we were cautious as to not pick anything with too fine of grind as the mesh on the solofill cup is quite fine and we had read other reviews that "fine" grind coffee tended to plug the cup. The initial trial of the solofill cup was very satisfactory. It worked just as well as the K-cups. The only con was the clean-up afterward which was somewhat messy. If you don't mind the extra cleaning and like the option of selecting your own coffee, then these are well worth the extra cost. They fit well in the Keurig OfficePro coffee machine and over the long run, should save money. Would definately recommend.

Sanford, MI


Better for the landfills


I was given a Keurig brewer for Christmas and really love the flavor of the coffee and the convience of it, but the k-cups are expensive to use all the time. I tried a product that let you refill them and reseal them, but that didn't work well at all. Had been told about the Solofill cup product and checked on it. Of course, I waited to long to order it and the price went up and stock went down. Popular item. It finally arrived and I tried it and found it made a good cup of coffee, Actually I bought two knowing it would have to be cleaned out between uses so this way I'm ready to have a second cup and then I let the grounds dry out and put them in compost bin and wsh the cups and they are eady to go for next use.

West Winfield, NY


Well worth the Wait for my Solofill!


Though I had to wait to order this product, it was well worth it. My previous My K-Cup was kind of a hassle, always too hot to switch out for the next cup, or just got grimy. Not the case with my new Solofill, which fits right into the same place I would put a regular k-cup, and doesn't require a separate attachment. The self-tamping mechanism works perfectly, as long as the seal is free of any coffe grinds. My first cup was wonderful, with all the warmth and flavor of the expensive, pre-packed k-cups, without the waste and the extra money. I love being able to use my own coffee, and not have to switch back and forth the accessories to hold the k-cup/my-k-cup. Overall, a wonderful investment and a greener, cheaper option than k-cups!

Gardner, MA


kcup replacement


i have had my keurig coffeemaker for over a year and i really love it. the only downsize is of course the cost of the kcups. i found the solofill after hearing about it on the yahoo kcup email group. i figured i would give it a try. i must say it is much better then the unit that keurig sells. you open it up, put in a spoonfill of your favorite coffee in then drop it in the machine. you will have to dump the coffee grinds out and clean the unit after each use but enviromentally thats better then filling the landfills with zillion of kcups. i found that the coffee taste pretty good but not great. in my opinion there is no replacing your favorite kcup but this has been a good substitute between kcup orders.

Irvington, NJ


Solofill cup saved my Keurig from going to the trash!


If you're a Keurig owner who is put off by the rising prices of k-cups, this will make your day.  I was about ready to go to a conventional coffee maker when I saw this.  I decided to give it a chance.  It was great. I just put in a heaping teaspon of any flavor coffee, hit the 6oz button and I'm good to go.  Of course I have to do that twice since I like a larger cup, but I am happy that I'm not spending a fortune on coffee and that I'm not filling the the landfill with all those little k-cups.  It is a little inconvenient to have to dump grounds between each use, but I feel much greener and my budget is happier.  I've been using mine for about two weeks now with no problems.

Kansas City, KS


Solofill Solofill Cup

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