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Solo Slim
Solo Slim Extra Strength

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AMAZING! I am actually able to lose weight now!


   Solo Slim is really working for me. I have been taking it for 4 weeks now and am down 12 pounds so far. My husband also started it 4 weeks ago and has lost 16 pounds. It really suppresses the appetite and I honestly do not crave sweets and junk food. I find myself wanting to eat well. When you are spending that much money on it each month you don't want to put it all to waste. People ask, "well, what happens when you stop taking it? Do you gain the weight right back?" I have not stopped taking it yet so I don't know but I'm hoping that I will be in the routine and habit of eating healthier and eating less and am able to keep the weight off. I am not exercising more than before and I am still losing. I know about four other people who have lost weight from this as well. I am recommending it to everyone I know.     I feel great and am loving it. I am going to lose approx 13 more pounds.


Salem, OR


Only weight loss pill that has worked for me!


This is the only weight loss pill that has worked for me. I have tried tons from Metabolife, Zantrex 3, Stackers, Hydroxy Cut etc. This has been the only one that has actually helped me lose weight. I started taking these about a year and a half ago. I wanted to lose about 15 lbs so I could be my pre-baby weight. The first week I lost 5 lbs. I was off to a great start. Then the weight seemed to slowly come off. This really curbs your appetite and gives you energy. I noticed it gave me dry mouth and insomnia after taking it for over a month. Even when I drank tons of water, the dry mouth would return. I guess that's the diuretic it has in it. Also, after about a few months of taking this, it felt like I was becoming ammuned to it so I started to take once every few days which still worked and helped me maintain my weight. All in all, this is a great weight loss pill. It helped me lose 15 lbs easily and keep it off. It is kind of pricey but if you really want to lose weight, it's worth it!


San Diego, CA


Easy, Natural, Works....


I have been using Soloslim Extra Strength now for about 6 months.  I have lost a total of 20lbs, and that has been with light exercise.  I started doing Wii Fit and EA Sport s for the Wii while taking the pill.  The only side effects I get is dry mouth, I work at an office and am on the phone 4 hrs straight a day so all I do is talk but it does help with the water intake.  Also, you take this 20 minutes before you eat breafast.  One morning I took it, worked out and then started t get myself ready for the day and I became really nauseas.  Well I just ate a yogurt and the feeling went away immediatly.  It has happened a few more time if I get swide tracked and dont eat, so now I really try to time it right.  i am a tue believe in Soloslim, you lose weight fast at first then it slows down, butyou are able to manage it and keep it off!!


Longview, WA


Solo Slim Extra Strength gets the job done!


This product is great because not only does it really curb your appetite, there are no side effects that i know of!  Its natural and helps you lose the weight.  the best part is after you have lost the weight its a great way to maintain it and get the added extra energy you need the healty way.  I used to feel so worn out and tired, but when i started taking this I felt revived.  It is a one a day pill and last the entire 24 hours, i have never had a pill do that much for me.  I love that it gives you energy but doesnt make you crash like caffeine does when it wheres off, it is a little pricey but so worth the money in the long wrong.  I highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to lose alot or a little weight and maintain it.  It is super effective and there are no added ingredients like euphedrin or caffeine, its all herbal and natural.  I couldn't be more happy with a weightloss pill.


Surprise, AZ


Solo Slim Extra Strength

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