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Solo Backpack Blower 53 Cc, 235 Mph, 705 Cfm

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Really works


I was in the market for a blower that could be used to spray for aphids over a few acres of viburnum opulus, commonly called snowball flowers.  Snowballs are white flowers in the shape of snowballs that bloom during March and June of each year.  The aphids love to eat the leaves of this beautiful flowers which then make the plan leaves curl and decay prematurely. I've found that using orthene on the aphids in early spring will take care of the problem.  So I researched several blowers.  This solo pack was amazing. Instead of using the regular solo sprayer slowly going from plant to plant, which can take 8-10 hours to complete with several acres to cover, I can know use the solo backpack blower and have the job done in 3-4 hours flat.  It allows you to modify the range and strength of the spray.  It provides a great deal of coverage for each plant, and it carries about 6-8 feet in front of you.  Remember to wear a mask to protect yourself, and always spray when there's little to no wind. 

Rainier, OR


Solo Backpack Blower 53 Cc, 235 Mph, 705 Cfm

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