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Solo 485 5 gallon Backpack Sprayer

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Love the size but not the weight


I love how many gallons the sprayer holds but it is not very comfortable to carry on your back. The straps are very thin and don't have enough padding to support the weight. I haven't had any problem with it leaking. It's an awesome tool to have, just wish it was more comfortable to use.




More capacity for fewer stops.


I find this sprayer much easier to use than the little hand held sprayers. My arm always gets worn out carrying them around. This sprayer allows me to carry more chemical more easily by strapping it on my back. I wish that it had wider and/or padded straps. The 5 gallon is HEAVY when full and these straps don't make it a bit easier. 5 gallon capacity means 40% fewer stops to refill than the 3 gallon. (Somebody check my math.) One caution- This thing can build up a lot more pressure than hand-held sprayers. That results in finer mist which stays in the air longer, and that means a greater risk of contamination. ex- If the mist stays suspended in the air twice as long, it's the equivalent of wind blowing twice as fast. So be careful. (To avoid self plagiarism I must tell you that this is very similar to my review of the Solo 3 gallon sprayer.)  


Marietta, GA


Solo 485 5 gallon Backpack Sprayer

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