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Solio Hybrid H1000 Solar Charger Battery Charger

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It is great!


I love this little solar charger. It has come in handy more than once. When I have to go out of town it is a great way to assure that I won't run out of battery time on my phone. I also bought one for my neuphew that is in the Army. He goes out in the field where there is no electricity. This is great way for him to have phone power, music and to be able to play games on his i pod or phone. There are so many uses for this and situalation that it can be good for. A great little gift for almost anyone! In this day or technology, with everything needed to be charged this is a great gadget to assure power for those times when you need extra power! Sound Quality This idem does not have a sound .




Solio Hybrid H1000 Solar Charger Battery Charger

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