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Solid Gold
Solid Gold Wee Bits

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The best dog food on the ppanet for a small dog.


Solid Gold Wee Bits was a miracle for my little chipoo. He was sickly, over weight and losing his fur rapidly and scratching all day long. His skin was red, hot to the touch and scaly. My groomer told me that he could no longer be groomed because his skin was in such bad shape. I took him to the vet for shots, creams, sprays, powders and oral meds. This went on for several months. My vet told me he had allergies and I would have to try to figure out how to control this or have very expensive allergy tests done on him. . I used many different dog foods. None of them made him feel or look any better. I ordered Solid Gold Wee Bits online after my daughter recommended it to me. Within the first month of feeding him solid Gold he was improving greatly. He was no longer shedding fur and skin. He was no longer scratching himself until he left claw marks on his skin. Within the first 2 months of feeding him this dog food he began to grow new fur in the affected areas. He has been eating Sold Gold Wee Bits for five months now and he needs to go to the groomers for a hair cut. His skin is still slightly dark in the affected areas but that is improving with time as well. It may take several months for you to see a great improvement in your dog, but it will happen with this product. This dog food was a miracle for my dog.



Great Quality Dog Food in Solid Gold Wee Bits


I didn't want to give my two miniature dachshunds the average crappy quality food from Walmart. I know those brands contain the worst fillers, the worst quality of food, and for an animal as small as a miniature dachshund, the quality of the food can have HUGE impacts on their health, happiness, and longevity. Neither of my dogs will touch canned food, and they're even picky about most dry foods, but when I found this brand, I was home free. The ingredients are top-quality, the size of the food is perfect for my dogs...it even smells better than most dog foods. They scarf it down in no time at all. It makes me feel great to know I'm supporting a quality company and giving the best food I can to my sweet puppies!

Nashville, TN


Tough on my puppy's stomach


This was the first food we used on our new puppy after switching over from breeder food. I used this for around 3 days and had a lot of difficulty with her stool. VERY LOOSE and pretty messy.At first I blamed it on parasites or other issues but this food was disappointing and what I do not like is Solid Gold does not stand behind their food. WEllness does. I appreciate a guarantee. I hope to never have to return a dog food but in this case my dog did not tolerate it and while reasonably priced, it was money down the drain and I ended up with 90% of the package left after I stopped using it. I spoke with my breeder for a recommendation and she said she hated hated solid gold food and recommended Wellness or Kirklands ironically enough. Contacted Solid Gold and they offered me a free bag of puppy biscuits. Again still leery of ingredients I accepted the biscuits and use them as common treats at the training dog park for other dogs.

Cranberry Twp, PA


Solid Gold- Wee Bits!! My picky Pug loves this food!


After trying several different dog foods for my picky Pug- I found Solid Gold Wee Bits.... My pug loves this food! The other dog foods that we gave her made her belch and throw-up and she would wait until she was strarving to eat them (I think it was because she knew it would make her belly hurt.) My Mom feeds Solid Gold to her dog and we stumbled upon it by accident (or should I say pugcident.) My pug found my Mom's miniature Schnauzer's Solid Gold dog food and chowed down. After several hours I realized that this was the food for my puggie. She didn't belch or puke after she ate it. When I tried to gradually give her Wee Bits, she would only eat the Wee Bits and scoot the old dog food around with her little pug nose. I can't say enough about this food....and I have a 2 year old pug that has never developed allergies, she has a shiny black coat, and never has flaky skin!  

Murfreesboro, TN


We could not ask for more in a food


I tried this food about a year ago when Bucky was just a baby. He's a smooth haired doxie which tend's to have dry skin alot anyway but my baby was just so flakey and itching all the time. He also had these rough little bumps appearing around the edges of his ears. I went to one of our pet stores in search of EVO after researching and when I explained the problems we were having to the owner he recommended I try the Solid Gold Wee Bits. This has been the best food ever for my little man. The itching stopped almost instantly and the bumps were gone within the first two weeks and have never came back. The fishy smell is strong but that's the fish oil's which help's the skin and coat so I deal with it. We love this food and would recommend it to anyone having skin allergies. This food also had no corn or chicken added which is also good in our case as Buck is allergic to those as well.

Sparta, TN


The best for any dog with allergies!!


This food was recommended to me by the last woman who groomed my Westiepoo.  I've been battling allergies with her for almost a year, and she's been pulling her hair out of her back & her hind legs.  After a week or so on this food the allergies seemed to ease up, the scratching diminished, and her hair started growing back.  My baby LOVES this food.  The local pet store was out of it for 3 weeks, and in the meantime I had to switch her to another food.  When they got the Wee Bits back in stock, I poured a scoop on top of 3 pieces of the "other" food.  She literally dug them out of the dish & placed them to the side, and refused to eat those others! 

Concord, NC


Solid Gold Wee Bits

4.5 6