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Solid Gold
Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit Adult Maintenance

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Solid Gold "Just a wee bit" is a healthy dog food choice!


Solid Gold's "Just a Wee Bit" adult dog food is one of the best dog foods. I have three small chihuahuas and have them all on this food. They have shiny coats, clean feces, and amazing amounts of energy. One of my dogs is 14 years old and has been on this food for most of her life. She has NO arthritis, NO heart issues, and NO health issues in general. The vet says she is the most healthiest chihuahua he has seen in a while considering her age. I attribute her health to this food. It is rich in meat and contians no salt, preservatives, or fillers. You do have to be very careful and make sure you feed the correct amount. It is rich and can make them fat if not given the proper amounts. It is on the expensive side but well worth the buy. And because it is so healthy and rich in nutrients, you really end up not feeding as much. So the quantity you give your dog is much smaller then other dog foods because they don't need as much since it is so nutrient rich. Excellent dog food choice!!


Spokane, WA


A life saver


Around Thanksgiving last year my dog, Maggie (a chow mix shelter dog) was having diarrhea non stop.  I didn't know what to do since this was not like her at all.  She was so easy going, no problem sort of dog.  I called the doctor and asked what should I do.  She told me to give her rice and ground turkey.  So we did but then one day I couldn't find ground turkey at the store and got ground chicken thinking it was just as good.  So the diarrhea continued but we had a pretty good handle on it (no accidents in the house at this point).  It was going on for a few weeks and the doc said we need to do something to fix this problem.  Come to find out my dog was allergic to CHICKEN...the very food I ws feeding her.  I felt so badly and couldn't believe it.  The doc said sometimes an allergy can come over night...no kidding!!  So she recommeded Solid Gold food, what a life saver it was.  I know it is expensive and not at every pet store but it is worth it for my dog to be healthy again.  The best part is that the dog waste is minimum and dries up...easy to pick up and dispose of. 


Medford, MA


The best dog food for your dog on the market! QUALITY!!!


I am a private breeder and have a few Shih tzus. They are picky eaters and also are bad about having skin allergies or itching. I was on a cheaper food to keep costs down until someone told me about Wee Bits and now we are hooked! It is small enough bites where little dogs can eat it easily and they love the taste! The best part is because it is such a well made food they dont eat nearly as much as they would of a cheaper brand that just has a bunch of fillers. I have noticed more energy, no itching, better coats, and so much more! I even feed it to my puppies when I have a litter and they love it too! I tell people about this food all the time and would not go with any other brand for my little "children" LOL...... If you read the Solid Gold website you can see the great ingrediants that it is made from and how it is all natural. If you have a picky eater then this is the food for you!!!


Cleveland, GA


A convenient alternative to home cooking for your dog


A few years ago, I was in a predicament with my dog Sadie, a young, female, shetland sheepdog.  She has food allergies.  She would barf up her food every day, scratch at her ears, run low grade fevers, and she was losing weight.  I went onto the internet in search of advice.  A few fellow sheltie lovers suggested I'd dump the commercial dog food alltogether (we tried several brands) and try Solid Gold.  We were able to find this version, and she's been on it ever since with no problems.  Eventually we figured out that Sadie is allergic to corn, which is found in most commercial dog foods.  Now Sadie is almost too heavy, her coat gleams with natural oil production, and she's has lots of energy.  I highly recommend this food to anyone with a small dog, even if they don't have allergies.  The benefits of feeding a very nutritional dog food with the convenience of a dry form is worth it.  The only downfall is that the food is a bit spendier than other brands, and it's not the easiest to find, but that is changing. 


Princeton, MN


Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit Adult Maintenance

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