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Solid Gold
Solid Gold Barking At The Moon

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My dog loves it!


When my dog was a puppy it was discovered that she has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (yes dogs can get it too).  It didn't matter what food I fed her...she had tummy problems.  She couldn't keep any food in except for the extremely expensive prescription food that the vet prescribed, and I subsequently had to buy from their office.  I then discovered Solid Gold Barking At The Moon dog food.  The dog trainer recommeded trying a gluten-free food.  I tried it and wow!  My dog was easily able to tolerate it.  Her tummy problems disappeared (along with a strict diet excluding people food).  The food is also all-natural which I love.  My dog is like one of my children, so it's important for me to feed her a high-quality food.  It's more expensive than other grocery store dog foods, but you feed less of it because it's a higher quality food with no fillers.  You can't buy it in a grocery store either.  I've only found it in pet stores excluding the big chain pet stores.  Still it's worth a little bit of a drive and a little bit more money to relieve my dog's discomfort.

Blackwood, NJ


Solid Gold Barking At The Moon

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