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Solgar Vitamin E 200 IU Mixed Tocopherols Softgels

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Trusted brand for Natural Vitamin E


I take Solgar Vitamin E Mixed Softgels (200 IU d-Alpha Tocopherols & Mixed Tocopherols) because I think that Vitamin E is a very important vitamin that we all don't get enough of. It is very important that when you take a Vitamin E supplement that it contains mixed tocopherols which are more expensive but in a much better form for what your body is trying to use. All of the studies on Vitamin E which came out that it wasn't such a great thing probably used the cheapest form of Vitamin E which is synthetic and doesn't match what your body gets from food. I'm not a chemist so I don't know why they get to sell that as Vitamin E for your body but they do. Some vitamins apparently look exactly the same in a lab (like vitamin C) and some can have synthetic forms (like Vitamin E) that look nothing like what you get from food. I think that the Solgar Vitamin E Mixed Softgels (d-Alpha Tocopherols & Mixed Tocopherols) are a high quality Vitamin E and I trust the Solgar brand as being high quality as it is sold in places like Vitamin Cottage and Whole Foods both places where the employees take a lot of this stuff themselves and have a more vested interest in what they sell as opposed to the big chain stores where I don't think that they care that much.


Amherst, MA


Solgar Vitamin E 200 IU Mixed Tocopherols Softgels

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