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Soleus Portable Halogen Oscillating Radiant Heater

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Soleus Air Portable Halogen Oscillating Radiant Heater


This is a decent heater that rotates to get the heat in all directions, but I wouldn't suggest this one for a bedroom as it is very bright and will keep you awake. Performance I does the job of getting the heat spread out in several directions and puts out good heat. I would recommend this for one room, not a large room. Ease of Use Very easy to use and understand. The few settings that is has are simple and straight- forward. Durability This is a very durable heater fan and has a solid outer form. Design I love the design of it oscillating and getting the heat, but it puts out a bit too much light for a bedroom. Safety This has a base that shouldn't tip over unless forced. It sits very stable.

Lincoln, NE


Soleus Electric Heater


LOVE this product!  We have a tri-level and anyone with this style home knows first hand how cold it can get in the lower level.  The lower level happens to be our family room and in the winter we freeze.  We have tried so many different heaters to warm the space up but none of them have had the ability to work on a long term basis.  Most of the heaters would warm a 2" area right in front of them but unless you put them on a table the air they blew was cold by the time it hit your face.  This heater is awesome.  it is very quiet and instead of 'blowing' hot air it just heats the air all around it.  We have found that running this heater makes our late night evenings of watching tv or playing games much more comfortable and enjoyable.  Other heaters would work for a short period of time but quickly loose their 'umph'.  Everyone would fight over who gets to sit next to it.  This heater radiates enough heat that we are all more comfortable without any figthing for the seat closest to it.

Novi, MI


Soleus Portable Halogen Oscillating Radiant Heater

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