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Soleus Portable Air Ceramic Tower Heater with Oscillation

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Worth a bit extra!


I live in an old house that has been turned into 4 apartments.  Being an old house with base board heating for your heat source, well needless to say that it can get quite expensive.  I have tried many, MANY other types of portable heaters.  Though they cut my energy costs by some it just wasn't worth it.  After much frustration and much chagrin ( shuh-grin ) I was pretty much going to give up on the space heater thing and just deal with the over priced and under result giving base board heater.  My friend came over and told me about the Soleus.  I was skeptical at best but the next day he brought over his and let me have it for the weekend.  This thing is great!  Not only does it let you choose the heat setting, it has a high/low and also and economy setting.  The high and low settings obviously speak for itself.  The economy setting is a little neat feature.  What happens is once the heater has gotten up to the desired temp, and remained there for 15 minutes it shuts down to economy which will let the sensor monitor the temp in the room and will turn the heater back on once it has fallen no more than 2 degrees. No more cold nights for me!

Portland, OR


Soleus Air space heater is fantastic


My husband and I were looking for a space heater that would help keep us warm while it also saved us money on our heating bill. We did a lot of research before we ordered a heater. This heater gets really warm. It feels like you are sitting under the sun. It doesn't heat up a large room. But it will keep you warm if you put it in front of you while you are watching telivision or reading a book. We were looking for something that would also help on our heating bill. This has definitly done that for us. It does not use very much electricity. We run ours on the low setting because it puts out a lot of heat. The other feature I like about this heater is that it swings back in forth circulating the air around it. It is light weight making it easy to carry. It has a safety switch that turns it off when it is knocked over or when it gets too hot. We have had it for four months now. We would not buy another space heater.

Oklahoma City, OK


great heater


the heater keeps you warm and cozy,you'll never get cold with using it,it moves the heat around the entire room.you'll love it,but just trying to keep kids from touching it is another thing.conveniet for smaller rooms like your bedroom or a small living room or office it would be perfect for sheds .small easy to use and it also has a safety switch so if it falls it shuts off,so conveinet to move with you anywhere.the cord is 6 ft long so you should have enough cord to plug it in anywhere.you can get them in different colors.really small like 2ft tall,you won't be disappointed by these heaters so my opinion is try it if you think it would be right for you on those chilly nights or cold days.i have one and i really love it we use it in a small apartment because we don't have control of our thermostat our neighbor does.we love it specially on the chilly nihgts we are cuddled together watching movies.

Chesaning, MI


Soleus Portable Air Ceramic Tower Heater with Oscillation

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