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Soleus Air Ultra-Thin Micathermic Heater

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Good Heat


We orginally purchased this heater because it was thin and had good thermstat. We got this heater we love the thermostat feature because it worked just like our house heating system. It shuts off automatically when the temperature in the room reaches the temperature set on the heater. This is a wonderful energy saving feature. We first purchase this heater when our twin sons were 5 years old and extremely active. Because it is very thin it is not sturdy enough to withstand the abusive of active young children. After about 4 months it stopped working and we returned it. We brought a new one this winter season and it has held up well. We usually keep it in our sons' room which is very drafty and put it away so they can't play with it. Since it is so thin and lightweight it is easy to move from room to room with very little difficulty. We noticed the heavier version in the lobby of our son's school but haven't been able to locate one to purchase in our area.

Springfield Gardens, NY


Soleus Air Ultra-Thin Micathermic Heaters are lifesavers.


My parents live a big old house with boiler heating.  They only live in 4 rooms and cannot afford to heat the entire house.  These heaters are warm and safe for them.  We have 4 of them and love them!  

Bartlesville, OK


Great Ultra-Thin Heater-Sleek Design-Remains Cool To The Touch


I am so happy with the performance  of this heater, i feel completely safe using it and I am not afraid that it will start a fire or burn someone if they get to close to it.  i can pick up this heater and hold it against my chest after it has been on for an hour and it will not burn.  It remains cool to the touch no matter how long you have it on.  The heat comes out of the top of the unit so you can put the heater in a narrow space and not be concern with it burning anything.  It uses very little power and the heat is gentle heat - so don't expect it to blast heat out like a furnace. It is amazing what seems like so little heat really does keep the room quite comfortable. I lower the furnace at night and utilize my heater and it has help to lower my utility cost. I am very pleased with this item. it is good looking and efficient for its purpose. It does not circulate the heat which is how it can be silent, so its use is limited to a certain size areas. I bought it for my master bedroom also it works great in the bathroom. This Soleus Air heater provides fast heat and instant comfort. Portable room heater has an innovative design--it is thin, lightweight and virtually silent. Micathermic heater distributes feel-good warmth evenly and consistently. Delivers warmth as natural as sunlight throughout the room; and the heater is safe.to use around small children and the elderly, because of the built-in safety features of remaining warm to the touch and the tip over safety protection.  

Columbus, GA


Soleus Air Ultra-Thin Micathermic Heater

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