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Soleus Air
Soleus Air Pint Dehumidifier

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"retired engineer" -- any more info?


This is the -only- place I've found an explanation of the problem with this unit. I also ordered a Frigidaire after the CFM40 quit after less than 2 years. Effectiveness It sometimes intermittently collects some water, LOTS of ice on the tubing I see with case off on the side (under foam which gets frosty). Very little frost on half of the bottom cooling fin, like it barely cools the heat exchanger just a few inches into the first pipe Durability Soleus said it's landfill, they don't fix them, and they say nobody else does. Design Get past the nonstandard pair of screws and pull the back cover off and I see a temperature sensor I could replace; a little chip with 4 wires behind the filter panel that I could replace, a capacitor I could replace, and it appears it's still got coolant, as It does cycle properly (thanks to retired enginner for info!). But why does it barely cool more than half of the first tube in the heat sink, and why do the return pipe and compressor get terribly hot? And will it catch fire eventually as it heats up?




Nice and quiet unit. A Pain to empty though


Last summer my Kenmore Dehumidifier (after 3 years of use) started to freeze up on its own. I tried everything I could (cleaning out the unit, etc) but just decided to buy a new one. I read great reviews on the Soleus unit, and have read terrible reviews on almost every other major brand dehumidifier. I thought...why not, give it a try. The unit itself is nice and quiet. The fan is barely noticable compared to my insanely loud Kenmore. Also the units controls are nice and simple. My only complaints are that the water collecting bucket is a little difficult to empty. It needs a better handle than the side one that is supplied. Also the unit does not turn on by itself after a power outage. Besides those 2 things, it dehumidifies great. Pulls the advertised moisture of of the air and is not that big of an energy hog.   We just use it in our basement, but you could use it in a bedroom if you wanted to - very quiet. It's also easy to put a hose on and have it drain automatically - no emptying the bucket. Highly recommended.


Sugar Land, TX


Soleus CFM-40E Dehumidifier better than first reported. New info


As a retired engineer I thought I understood how to operate my CFM-40E. This Spring I started it up in my cool damp basement and it collected no water. I cleaned the drain hose and filter as suggested in the manual. Still no water collected. I contacted the manufacturer by email asking for suggestions. Never heard back fron customer service. I searched various review web sites to see what others may have discovered. Many reviews were negative for the same problem I was having. I then wrote a two star review stating that I was very pleased with the unit when it was running properly, but then it stopped working after 2 years. I was now ready to trash it. I ordered a Frigidair and have not received it yet. I then happened upon Viewpoints web site and asked if anyone had advice about the Soleus unit. I received great feedback. The problem I was having was related to the basement's springtime temperature was below 59 degrees. The compressor is designed not to run below 59. Also, if you set the unit's target room humidity level "Dry"..to.."Moist"(50, 60 or 70%) and the room is not at least 50% relative humidity the compressor will not run. I moved the dehumidifier to the garage and guess what? The unit is working fine. The problem was "operator error". I rated the unit four star beccause of poor or non-existant customer support. Soleus could have saved me a lot of grief and the price of a second dehumidifier. I will use it for a house-warming gift, or should I say house-drying gift. The unit does work great and is quiet enough to use in a bedroom. I hope this review and related support info reaches other Soleus owners before they trash a perfectly good unit. Wake-up Soleus and protect your product/support image!


Fort Wayne, IN


A great dehumidifier.


Thanks to the Soleus Air Dehumidifier there is no more humid air in my home as this dehumidifier does away with mold, mildew and disease - carrying pests. It also has a fundamental element which is its built in humidistat. This built in humidistat prevents the room from becoming too dry making it very important. The Soleus Dehumidifier also has many other beneficial features such as a removable reservoir tank, a full-bucket indicator alarm, automatic shut-off and many other features. This dehumidifier is clearly exceptionally resourceful. What I love most about this Soleus Dehumidifier is that it is actually quiet this is something I cannot say about my previous dehumidifiers. And lastly, it is easy to operate and works very efficiently.


Bridgehampton, NY


Very stylish!


I really love this device, because its really good for people like me who cant stand a dry home, and who have a stuffy nose all the time, but this dehumidifier was the cure. Its really easy to operate too. If youre wondering where i bought it, it was from sears, about 1 or 2 years ago, because they have a nice variety of appliances at cheap prices and free installation. In the dehumidifer, i only have to empty the bucket every 10 hours or so and it works really well. Its very quiet and works really well in my bedroom, thats where its the most dry at night. It works the best on the dry option, instead of the moist option, and one of my favorite feature is that it stops when its full. I definatley reccommend this stylish product to anyone that lives in a humid area or suburb.


Elgin, IL


Have moisture? Get the Soleus Air dehumidifier!


The Soleus Air dehumidifier was purchased for us after our basement flooded in the September 2010. At the peak of flooding, our basement had four inches of water in it. Because of the flooding, there was obviously a lot of moisture in our entire house. We ran the dehumidifier for several weeks in our basement once it was dry. This dehumidifier gives you the option to either collect the water in the bucket or connect a hose to the unit and drain the water elsewhere. When we first started using this dehumidifier, we let the water fill the bucket. Once it was full, we had to dump it. After a week or so, we connected the hose and that was much easier! It drained right into our sump pump. This dehumidifier pulled lots of moisture out of our house - I would definitely recommend it!


Necedah, WI


Soleus Air Dehumidifier QUIETLY dried the apartment in a DAY


I was blown away by how well this dehumidifier worked. I shopped around awhile to find an affordable quiet dehumidifier that would get the job done. That's hard to be done because most are ridiculously loud. Not only is this dehu a stylish white with an easy, well laid out button menu--it's very quiet. We have it in our living room and most of the time I don't even realize it's on. With that being said, what really makes this a great product is that it works and it works well. My one-bedroom apartment was very damp. I could feel it whenever I came through the doors and every week and a half mold would start rebuilding up on the window ledges. I HATE mold and finally got the dehumidifier. After a day of working I could feel the difference. Every two days we can empty the 40 pint container because it's full. And the best part is there's no more mold! Definitely would recommend this dehumidifier.


Redwood City, CA


Soleus Air Pint Dehumidifier

3.9 7