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Soleus Air
Soleus Air 70 Pint Dehumidifier SG-DEH-70-2

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When you are pregnant for the first time, of course you get nervous and anxious about preparing the best environment for the baby. I had lots of time to read up on what to get so that the baby will not have congestion and will be able to sleep well. One of the things that came up was a dehumidifier. I thought it was quite expensive ( a few hundred bucks), but it was worth the money for peace of mind. Effectiveness The dehumidifier has a light showing how clean the air is in your room. It gave me peace of mind to know that when I turned the machine on, the air wasn't fully clean, and after having the machine on for about 30 minutes, the cleanliness level changed to more clean air. Safety There isn't anything in particular that would make this unit unsafe, other than the size. It's a bit big, so of course you wouldn't want any kids playing near it. However, it's not that heavy, so it wouldn't be able to hurt anybody severely. Ease of Cleaning You're supposed to clean the filter every 1-2 months and you also have to replace the filter every year or so, depending on which model you buy, so you should always factor in that cost. If you pay more up front, then you don't have to spend as much on replacement filters as often as the less expensive models. Durability I've had this dehumidifier for 2 years and it still works fine. As long as you make sure to clean it as directed, it should last for a long time. Design Very easy to use. A big on the big side, but not thick, so doesn't take up that much space. it's just tall. And it's not very heavy either even though it does LOOK heavy.

Chino, CA


Soleus Air 70 Pint Dehumidifier SG-DEH-70-2

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