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Sole Elliptical

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Great Quality Elliptical


My wife had been wanting an elliptical for a very long time and we finally invested in one. She had always worked on the elliptical at the gym, so she definitely knew what is was like to exercise on a good quality, sturdy elliptical. While researching all of the different manufacturers of elliptical machines, price and gym quality were most important. I had never heard of Sole before reading about them in a few professional reviews. I liked that a major hotel chain used Sole machines in all of their fitness centers, and for the price it seemed the best bet. Don't get me wrong, this was a large investment compared to some of the cheap at home elliptical trainers, However, for the professional quality of this elliptical, it seemed the right choice. Sure enough, after having it for over a year now, it has lived up to expectations. We hope to add a "professional" quality workout room onto our house someday, and this is definitely the main piece of equipment that our room will be built around. For now, I'll just have to keep stepping over it to get into my closet. It's worth the sacrifice.

Glendale, CA


Sole E95 does the job


I purchased this in May 2009 so that I could have an elliptical machine in my home instead of paying monthly fees to a gym.  I researched quite a bit before buying.  I wanted a commercial grade elliptical machine without the commercial grade price, and the Sole seemed to fit that category.   Things I love:  It is a sturdy, well built machine.  Many home ellipticals feel flimsy when you actually get on them and start exercising.  Definitely not the case here.   The programs I like as well.  There are several and they are varied enough. I also like the heart monitor strap that it comes with.  Although I do not use it every time, I  like knowing I can get a more accurate reading than from just the handles on the machine if I want. Things I do not like as well:  The fan does not kick out much air at all and is essentially worthless. There are clicks and pops sometimes when I exercise and we have not been able to deduce where they are coming from. The resistance on level 1 is still pretty hard compared to what I was used to at the gym.  Beginners may find this difficult.

Topeka, KS


Excellent and sturdy eliptical


This is a wonderful eliptical.  It is the only one I have ever earned, so I can't compare it to others on the market, but in my experience it is sturdy and well made.  It has definately put up with my abuse so far and I've owned it for a little over 3 years. Every part feels sturdy and has held up without any major wear.  The hand grips are in great shape, the foot pads still look new and everything still moves smoothly.  It's just about time to go through the process of servicing the thing from a lubrication standpoint as it's getting a little squeaky in the wheels that move along the rails that run towards the back of the machine. The chest strap/heart rate monitor is still going strong without the need to have the battery replaced as of yet.  It is very steady in measurement and very accurate. The only thing to be aware of is that it is built for someone with a longer stride...I'm 6' 3" and that's the reason I chose this model, as I needed something that wouldn't make me feel like I'm cramped while I'm running on it.

Gardendale, AL


Sole Elliptical

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