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Solano Sapphire Collection Flat Iron

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Solano Sapphire - I Would Never buy Another Brand!


The solano sapphire was first recommended to me about 8 years when I first entered the world of hair straightening.  It was pricey but it was recommended to me by some girls that had straightened their hair for years so who was I to question their advice?  It is well worth the money.   My hair never burnt or looked like hay, it was always smooth and sleek and soft.  It heated up quickly and the actual straightening was a very quick process.  My first solano sapphire lasted 7 years before I finally burnt it out.  I think that 7 years is pretty fabulous for something I used every single day so it was well worth the extra money.  I bought my second one and I'm assuming I'll get another good run out of it.  It really does pay to spend the extra money and get a good one that will last instead of trying to save a few bucks - you just end up spending more in the long run. The solano sapphire would be my only recommendation for a hair straightener!

Medford, NY


Easy to use and straightens even very wavy hair.


  I bought this iron 8 years ago and it's still working perfectly. It's very sturdy (I know this because I've dropped it too many times to count). The big plates are great and make your hair nice and sleek. My hair is very coarse and it still works wonders.

Saint Paul, MN


The Solano Saphire-durable, easy to use, flattens hair quickly.


I have had the Solano Saphire iron for at least 4 years, maybe more.  It's still working.  I like that it's easy to use.  It is designed sort of like a scissor shape.  It has a comb that helps detangle the hair.  My hair always comes out nice when I use it.  I purchased it from the salon after my hairdresser used it on my hair.  She recommended it and that was good enough for me!

Miami, FL


Not good for wavy/curly textured hair


I have very textured, wavy, THICK hair.  I do not recommend this flat iron if you have wavy or curly very textured hair.  I bought this one because it was recommended by my stylist who can do a fabulous job on my hair with it (especially after she has THINNED my hair out for the 3rd time).  If you leave the comb in you are going to be missing some hair when you get finished!  My stylist even asked if I was sure I was using it the right way.  It comes with instructions, yes I was using it the right way.  It wasn't so bad if you take the comb out and use it without it, but the whole point for me was the comb is supposed to help with smoothing and giving shape to your style as you use it.  If you have thin, fine hair this will probably work much better for you so I am not saying don't try it at all, because those people with thin, fine to medium hair shouldn't have a problem with it like I did. I paid a lot of money for this and ended up going back to Chi.

Porter, TX


Solano Sapphire Collection Flat Iron

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