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Softsoap Ultra Rich Shea Butter W/Moisture Beads Body Wash

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This Body Wash Will Clean & Moisturize Your Skin


This body wash is not a favorite of mine. It is too rich and too soft. I do not like the feel of it against my skin. It did clean my skin, and made my skin feel soft. The texture of this body wash is creamy and lightweight. The smell of this body wash is okay. It smells like shea butter. The scent is a little too strong for me, but the smell isn't overwhelming. You will like the smell of this body wash if you like shea butter. The way it lathers is above average. It lathers well if you use a sponge. It works really well on my dry skin. My ankles and my knees often get dry, and are problem areas. I wouldn't use this stuff on acne-prone skin, as it might cause you to break out. The container is cute, but awkward to hold in the shower. It comes in a large container, and you get a lot of it. It will last for several months. You can find a good deal on this product if you shop online. I bought mine from an online site on sale. "Softsoap Ultra Rich Shea Butter W/Moisture Beads Body" will leave your skin fresh and clean, but I only give it "3 STARS".


Stockton, CA


Soft Silky Goodness!!!


I dont normally buy anything with coco butter or schea butter in it, I have a hatred for the smells. I was out of town and the only body wash that I coud afford was this particular scent. I was automatically upset and didnt want to use it but I was forced to and instantly upon opening the bottle and squeezing it onto my poofy, I realized that the smell was not overwhelming and was pretty pleasant. Once I began to create a lather the fragrence filled the bathroom and very soft, silky and thick lather bagan to erupt. I must say I was so surprised and satisfied by the way my skin felt after the shower that I have changed to this brand and scent. I love it so much and its a great shaving cream too!!!


San Diego, CA


are you clean yet?


I bought this soap when it was on sale and thought I would try it. It has a nice smell but I did not think it left my skin as soft as what the bottle said it would. I thought the beads did not disolve fast enough on the bottle to get the soft effect when taking a shower.


Sand Lake, MI




For the first forty years of my life I could only use Dove soap cause of my sensitive skin. Any other skin would dry out my skin and my skin would itch that wouldn't stop. I would scratch my skin and then my skin would have red marks going down it. My daughter visited me once and left her behind. I thought I would try it just to see what happened. I was surprised when I woke up the next morning and my skin felt soft to the touch. I loved that my skin didn't itch and I was glad that I could use something else than Dove. I still use Dove ,but I also use softsoap. I love the smell and the softest of my skin.


Sterling, IL


Softsoap Ultra Rich Shea Butter smells heavenly!!


**Softsoap Ultra Rich Shea Butter W/Moisture Beads Body Wash** would make a delightful addition to any shower! I bought this product for the first time about five months ago, and now I'm HOOKED!  The fragrance is what ultimately keeps me buying it, but the product as a whole is very high quality! This liquid bodywash produces a thick, creamy lather that cleans gently without leaving an unwanted residue.  My only complaint with the product is about the bronze moisture beads that are suspended in the soap...they work well as a gentle exfoliant, but do not dissolve quickly enough to provide the moisture they hold.  Just a minor flaw in my opinion, but it would be nice to have the added moisture.  This soap is packaged well, with a large bottle and flip top cap.  The bottle could have a friendlier grip design for slippery hands as well. Other than a few minor negatives, **Softsoap Ultra Rich Shea Butter W/Moisture Beads Body Wash **is a perfect soap for a splendid shower experience!  Two Thumbs up!****


Doe Run, MO


Love the body wash , HATE the bottle!


I picked up a bottle of Softsoap Ultra Rich Shea Butter Creme mosturizing body wash at a great price so I was very excited to try this product. it smells WONDERFUL!  The body wash has a rich creamy feel to it and it lathers up really well. You only need a little bit to do your whole body too! The really bad thing about this body wash is the bottle!! The first time I used it I knew I would really hate the bottle the shape has absolutely no contour to it and it is perfectly smooth, so it is VERY hard to hold onto when you are in the shower and your hands are wet! I dropped it several times during the first use, by the end of the week it had been dropped so many times the cap broke off and I was left with a broken useless bottle cap. I ended up and put the bottle aside until I used up another brand of body wash that has a really nice bottle shape that you can actually hold onto and when that  bottle was empty I took the remainder of my Softsoap body wash & poured in in the other bottle! FINALLY I was able to use & actually enjoy the body wash!




Moisturizes well


I love using the Softsoap shea products. They have it in soap form and body wash as well. This body wash is not expensive first of all. And it's even better to buy it in bulk. I like to get this in bulk from a wholesale club because I know for sure that I'll always use it. They have a good variety in the scents available, apart from shea butter. The body wash lathers up well and is really soft and cleans off quickly and easily so that you don't waste time rubbing it off. There is never any residue leftover on my skin. And my skin doesn't feel dry after using it throughout the day. It's a great basic body wash that's not cheap/ tacky quality, and very affordable. The amount in the bottle is a lot, which makes it last a longer time of course. It can be a little pricey but I usually find it on sale at Rite Aid. The creaminess makes it nicer than the gel-like body washed they have like pomegranite.


Olean, NY


Keeps your body hydrated and smells amazing!


I absolutely need a moisturizing body wash, as I have very dry skin, especially from October- April. This is my absolute favorite. It's got Shea Butter, so it smells divine, and I don't have to use as much lotion on my body because my body is already superhydrated from this! Its also one of the less expensive moisturizing body washes on the market, and one bottle lasts a while.


East Elmhurst, NY


Softsoap Ultra Rich Shea Butter W/Moisture Beads Body Wash

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