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Softsoap Nutri Serums Body Wash Restoring Vitamin E

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Very nice body wash


When I found this body wash from Softsoap, I thought it looked a lot like their hand soaps. If I hadn't gotten a good deal, I probably would have never purchased it. I chose this particular Nutri Serums Body Wash because I liked the scent. I prefer fruit-based fragrances, the lighter the better. The Vitamin E was just a bonus. When I first used the wash I was very happy with it. It cleaned well and did not seem like hand soap (I was afraid it might). The fragrance continued to be pleasant in the shower. The thing I really love about this product is the little Nutri Serum beads in the shower gel. It may sound a little crazy, but I loved popping all of the beads when I used it. Strange, right? I just couldn't help it - it was like popping bubble wrap and I ended up taking longer in the shower whenever I used this soap. I recommend this product because it works well, smells nice, and adds a little bit of fun to my day. The normal price may be a little high, so watch for sales.

Medina, OH


favorite body wash


i love this body wash because first of all it's in a very cute bottle and you can see everything in it because it is clear. besides that i think it's also very nice because it's very fresh feeling when you get out. plut those things inside it they make you feel super clean because it scrubs your body. i like the feeling when i get out of the shower and i use this. my husband and i both use this sometimes and he loves it and i love it ! walgreens once had a deal on this where you buy it and you get all your money back so i bought several on different transactions and i still have them. since it's a very good soap you really don't have to put a lot. one bottle will last me a whole month, and we take at least two showers a day so it's a very good size with good soap in it. there are also many different kinds that you can buy. i have not tried any of them except this one because i like how fresh it is.

Dallas, TX


Ok body wash from Softsoap


I recieved some samples of the Soaftsoap Nutri Serums bodywash from BzzAgent for thier Campaign. It was a decent bodywash and had a nice scent but the little beads really didnt "burst" that had the serum in them. after my shower and rinsing off in little places i would see a small fully intact bead. So i really dont think that i was getting the full skin nourishment from this bodywas. Also the beads that did "burst" left a greasy like feeling on my skin. It made me really want to take another shower with a different bodywash just to feel clean. I gave it an average rating because alot of the bodywashes out there are similar to this, feeling like you have a thin coating left on your skin. Plus it also isnt worth the money for it. Also you would be better off using a better known brand if cost instn a problem for you. I don't think i would recommend this to anyone because you really dont feel clean after using it.

Ridgewood, NY


i love nutri-serum!


this body wash by softsoap has "nutri-serums" in it that are amazing!  its little beads that burst open on your skin and leave behind smooth softness with a great smell, too.  everytime that i have used this, its almost like a mini spa treatment...lol.  i love how it lathers up and rinses clean, yet still leaves me feeling "silky"!  i would and have told my friends and family about this, and now some of them use it too!  this is a great product! 

Lynwood, CA


Nutri Serums Nurtify My Skin, With a Little Help


As a Bzz Agent I was able to receive a couple of samples of a new body wash from Softsoap.  Though I'm not normally a body wash kind of person I thought "what the heck I'll try it."  So in my package came a sample of Softsoap Nutri Serum Restoring Vitamin E Body Wash in a cute mini-body wash bottle.  After trying the [Nutri Serum Moisture Retaining Body Wash][1] , I wasn't even going to try the Vitamin E version, but I figured to be fair I would check it out.  Plus knowing that Vitamin E is good for the skin, I was hoping it would be of a little assistance to my ever increasing belly.   So opening up the green labeled bottle of body wash this time, I could definitely smell something more than the Softsoap scent that dominated the Moisture version.  It was some sort of flowery scent that I can't really place, but I'm thinking Gardenia for some reason.  This isn't exactly my favorite scent, but I only smell it while in the shower then it wears off.  Creating a nice lather, the Vitamin E Nutri Serum Body Wash goes on smooth and stays that way.  In no way after I rinse this off does my skin feel dry.   I have been using this wash for a couple weeks now in combination with a Palmer's Stretch Mark Lotion with fairly good results.  Throughout the day, my belly actually feels hydrated, which is something I don't have when I use either of the two products by themselves.  So the Softsoap Vitamin E does work at keeping the skin supple, but in a pregnancy case you will want to add a little extra as it's not *that* supple.    With my second little guy, I horrible stretch marks and I was afraid that they would return with even more.  I definitely think this body wash is helping keeping the stretch marks at bay.  I don't see the previous stretch marks getting any smaller... but my belly keeps getting larger so it's a moot point really.   [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Softsoap-Nutri-Serums-Body-Wash-Moisture-Retaining-Omega-3-amp-6-reviews

Lansing, MI


Softsoap Nutri Serums Body Wash Restoring Vitamin E

4.0 5