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Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach

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For all of your bathroom cleaning!


Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach is an awesome cleaner! The most amazing thing about this fabulous cleaner is the fact that it is all-purpose. You can use it for your shower, bathtub, sink, and even your toilet bowl!!! It has two options: foam and spray. All you have to do to switch back and forth between these two options is to turn the nozzle to a different angle (as instructed in directions with a crystal clear picture diagram on the side of the bottle so that you know exactly how to do it). The foam is an excellent way to clean your toilet bowl. All you have to do is spray it in and let it sit for 10-15ish minutes, and then scrub it out with a toilet brush just like with normal toilet bowl cleaner. The foam is also good for the bathtub. What I use the spray for is the sink. Scent The scent is nothing spectacular. It smells like bleach, which I actually really love. But it's nothing groundbreaking. It will make your bathroom smell clean, though!




Soft Scrub Total with Bleach saved my sink!


I am reviewing the Soft Scrub Total with Bleach foam/spray. I will not be without it! I have a 10 year old white Corian sink that stains constantly. I was always scrubbing and scrubbing with Bar Keepers Friend to get it clean until I discovered SS Total with Bleach. This product is hard to find, and is light-years better than both the Soft Scrub Kitchen or Bathroom cleaners that look almost identical; the key is the BLEACH. You simply spray this on the stained sink and walk away- that's right- do nothing, just wait. Come back 10-15 minutes later and rinse, and your sink is like new, honest! It literally saved my sink. I was ready to throw it out, before this product. Do be careful, though, it will bleach your clothes, if you get it on them. It sprays out like a foam, so it sticks where you spray, and you can spray upside down. I use this for all my tough cleaning jobs, where bleach is not a problem. The disinfecting properties of bleach are a plus too.


Elburn, IL


Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach

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