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Natural Litter
Soft Paws
Soft Paw All Natural Cat Litter

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Great odor control!


This litter is very inexpensive AND is better at odor control then the expensive brands I have used. I sit the litter box on a pad as one of the cats is particular and sometimes pees next to the box if the other cat has gone in the box recently. With this litter she always goes in the box no matter if the other cat was recently there. What a bonus!



Soft Paw All Natural Cat Litter works well for single cat homes


When I had 1 cat I raved about Soft Paw All Natural Cat Litter. I loved it! I thought it was the best cat litter hands down. And for the price I couldn't believe how well it worked. I told all of my friends that owned cats about it. Whenever someone came to my home they always commented that they didn't realize I had a cat until they saw him. Because they couldn't smell the litter box even though I had to keep it in the bathroom. But when I added another cat I couldn't keep the odor under control no matter how much I scooped or changed the box completely even if I did it everyday. I was so disappointed because up until that point I was a loyal buyer of Soft Paw All Natural Cat Litter. Moisture Absorption With 1 cat the moisture absorption was great. Again once I added another cat to the mix it just wasn't effective in absorbing moisture. Ease of Cleaning They clay tended to build up on the bottom of my litter box. That could have been due to the kind of litter box that I used. I'm not sure. But it just took a little extra scrubbing. Not a deal breaker. Odor Control Odor control was fantastic with 1 cat. Horrible with 2. I still don't understand why. Ease of Use All cat litter is easy to use.

Canton, OH


Inexpensive great working clay litter.


Whenever I go to Shoprite I like to get the Soft Paw Litter because it's inexpensive, and it's my first choice for cat litter. Soft Paw is a very popular cat litter in my area, and whenever it goes on sale it sells out very quickly, so sometimes it can be hard to get it. The Soft Paw original cat litter is a nice clay litter that has long lasting odor control, and great moisture absorption. It doesn't have any added fragrance to it, which I like because the overly scented cat litters seem to irritate my cat. I find the clay litter has better moisture absorption and seems to hold more moisture then regular clumping litters do. Even though it doesn't have any added fragrances, it completely gets rid of and absrobs the odors. The Soft Paw litter is a total bargain in my opinion, and works amazing. Moisture Absorption I find that the clay litters hold more moisture then the regular clumping cat litters do. It completely just soaks up all the moisture and odors. The only problem is, is that the clay litters don't clump, which makes them a bit harder to clean out. Ease of Cleaning With the clay litter once the box is full, and is starting to look dirty you pretty much have to dump out the whole litter box because it doesn't clump at all. It just soaks up everything. Dumping it out isn't hard, I just find it to be a bit wasteful, but it's inexpensive and works well, so I don't mind too much. Odor Control The clay litter completely soaks up all the odors along with the moisture. This litter doesn't have any added fragrance, so it doesn't irritate my cat or my asthma. Ease of Use All you have to do is pour it into the litter box, and then dump it out into the garbage when the box is all used up. It's very easy.

Stroudsburg, PA


Soft Paw All Natural Cat Litter

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