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Soft & Beautiful
Soft & Beautiful Botanicals No-lye No-mix Texturizer

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Soft & Beautiful No-Lye No-mix Texturizer


This is a very great product that can be used on African American hair. This can be used by men and women. It is great for people that do not need their hair fully straightened. People that would like the hair to be relaxed enough to make the hair more manageable and longer, this is the perfect product. I love the fact that it is no mix. I can say goodbye to mixing and stirring before I apply the chemical. For African Americans with short unmanageable hair, the product is great. It does not need to be left on the hair long because the hair does not need to be straight. If a person should desire straight hair however, the texturizer can be left on longer. The hair feels soft and for some even curly. The look is a natural look and the effect is long lasting until their is new growth. The hair can be styled or cut after it is relaxed. The texturizer is a product that makes the hair soft & beautiful!



Soft & Beautiful Botanicals No-lye No-mix Texturizer

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