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Soap and Glory
Soap And Glory Clean On Me

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Brilliance in a bathwash!


I love all of soap and glory's products, and this is no exception! This bathwash/shower gel product looks great on the bathroom shelf, is very affordable and very effective! I love the smell of this product, and it makes my skin smell lovely even after rinsing which is a huge plus point. The bottle lasts a long time, so is very worth the price. Also, the product leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling lovely. I would recommend this product to teenagers upwards, because it's affordable and very very effective! If I had the choice between this and a much more expensive, high end product, I would choose this any day!! This is definitely a bath product worth buying! Also, I don't see why men shouldn't use it, however they may be put off with the pink packaging!! Effectiveness It does the job, leaves my skin nice and clean and smelling nice to boot! My skin feels soft after washing, so I would definitely recommend. Scent I love the smell of the product and it's an added bonus that it leaves me smelling nice even after rinsing.



The Sweetest Smell


Oh My God I love this stuff! The strawberries and cream is so nice. It is one of the best scented body washes I've come across. Not only that, it actually does what it says it does.  It is pretty moisturizing and leaves a lingering scent after. My only real gripes is that it is a little pricey so I try to wait for a deal before purchasing.  Also, it's not all natural so those nasty sulfates are in it. But the smell.. the smell is so nice!!!

Mount Holly, NJ


I'm in love with Soap & Glory products!


I seriously love this product!  I got a sample at Christmas and was intrigued right off the start by the packaging.  The Soap & Glory company uses retro photos with witty captions and sayings all over the box and bottle.  It struck right away as being quirky and fun (like me!).  But I was really pulled in by the scent--oh my goodness, it's awesome!  It's like fresh and perky and comforting all at the same time.  I do think it might be a scent not everyone likes however, as my 18 y/o daughter doesn't like it.  Me,  though--LOVE it!  The liquid soap is concentrated so it goes a long way--which is good, because it is not cheap.  I'm not one to spend alot on a soap, but I have very sensitive skin and get allergies easily.  This product gives me no trouble at all.  My daughter-in-law has similar skin problems and uses this soap too.  It lathers up wonderfully, and washes off feeling clean--not oily or dry at all.  I'm hooked, and will continue getting Soap & Glory!!

Stella, MO


Soap And Glory Clean On Me

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