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SoHo Swirl Roller Cooler

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SoHo Swirl Roller Cooler is perfect 4 girls day at the beach!


Many times when I go to the beach I go with a few of girlfriends and we need a cooler, but let me tell you, those huge, heavy coolers on wheels like my [Coleman Wheeled Ultimate Extreme Cooler - 50 qt][1] just don't work for the beach. They are too heavy to roll through the sand. Enter the perfect, pretty, girly, lightweight** SoHo Swirl Roller Cooler**. I have one of these coolers and so does my best friend but we have different patterns, (her's is called The Dream Dot Roller Cooler) ... but they are both pretty and very lightweight. They have wheels and a handle that pulls out in two posistions so I can drag it behind me even when it's packed full. The ice in it will end up melting if you're a beach bum and stay until the sun goes down like I do, but that doesn't bother me. It keeps my drinks cold long enough...I'm not staying on the beach for days at the time without leaving! The dimensions of the SoHo Swirl Cooler are 14.75 inches x 11 inches x 12 inches. It's made of 100% polyester on the outside and it has a lining that is water resistant. Okay, it's not water-proof but mine has never leaked yet! It has a zippered compartment on the outside where I put my sandwiches and stuff, and it is plenty large enough to hold enough of whatever 3 of 4 girls can drink at a day at the beach or pool. It also collapses and has velcro strips that hold it together when it's not in use, so it stores very easily. The wheels aren't extra large and when it's full of ice and cans of drinks, it is heavy, but at least it's lightweight enough that I can actually pull it through that thick beach sand all by myself. I love this cooler! If you're a female (or a male that likes pretty prple flowers or pink and orange polka dots ), I very much recommend this cooler for days at the pool or days at the beach. It's just about as perfect as a lightweight cooler can get, and heaven knows I have tried more than my fair share of coolers for the beach! 5 stars and two thumbs up!!! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Coleman-Wheeled-Ultimate-Extreme-Cooler-50-qt-review-f2155

Tiny Town, GA


SoHo Swirl Roller Cooler

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