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Snuggle Red Plum Fabric Softener

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Great smell


I use this for my towels and sheets and comforters and I love how soft it makes them and and how awesome they smell this has a great smell it's a little o. The pricey side but worth it for the softness it gives


Sanford Nc


Feel the softness and smell the freshness


Let me introduce you to Snuggles.  Snuggle is the little bear that you see on the advertisements for Snuggle® Fabric Softener. He was born in 1983 when he first introduced Snuggle® Liquid Fabric Softener to us. His next creation in the late 1980's was the dryer sheets, which gave us, even more softer and fragrant clothes. During the mid 1990's snuggle helped find new ways for us to give our clothes longer lasting freshness, color protection and wrinkle reduction. Snuggles loves bedtime stories, so he pitched in and helped launch "Bedtime Story Month" with the national Center for Family Literacy (NCFL). The event was a big hit and helped the BCFL raise awareness for family literacy. Through out the years he has introduced us to nine different fragrances for liquid softener and dryer sheets which continues to provide Wash to Wash freshness® while keeping our clothes wonderfully soft. Here is a list of the nine fragrances: Blue sparkle Pink flare Orange rush Purple fusion Green burst wild Orchid and lotus flower lift White lavender and sandlewood twist Peach blossom and sunshine swirl I have listed the three I use most often. What a great product, I am looking forward to seeing the next new fragrances Snuggle introduces. **Blue SparkleTM. ** Blue Sparkle for a stimulating combination of vanilla, lilac, and violet fragrances that will energize your day and leave your laundry smelling amazingly fresh  longer than ever before.   **Green BurstTM ** Green Burst has a refreshing combination of cucumber, melon, and green citrus scents that is sure to put a skip in your step and leave your laundry smelling fresh. I use this one in my ketichen. **Wild Orchid and vanilla kiss ** With a fragrance combination of fresh, wild orchids and the essence of warm vanilla beans, this exotic fabric softener leaves clothes feeling unbelievably soft, while thrilling your senses ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Other uses**  Not only is Snuggle® Fabric Softener designed to keep our clothes soft, reduce the wrinkles and protect the color, you can use it for other projects around the house, in the car, or your shop. Listed below are just a few things you can do with it: **Remove wrinkles from a stored tablecloth.** Put it in the dryer with two large damp towels and a Snuggle dryer sheet. Tumble dry for 30-45 minutes. Take it out of the dryer and place it on the table smoothing by hand. **Make your shower doors shine.**Mix one cap-full of Snuggle Ultra liquid with a quart of warm water. Dip a clean sponge in the mixture and wipe the glass and metal frame of the door clean. Rinse the sponge frequently. Use a clean cloth to wipe the doors dry. **Stop static cling on vinyl shower curtains.**Mix one cap-full of Snuggle Ultra liquid in a spray bottle filled with water. Spray the shower curtain and lining. **Keep your kitchen smelling fresh.** Place a Snuggle dryer sheet behind the garbage can, in the back of your cabinets, or behind the kitchen curtains. **Add fragrance throughout your home.** Place Snuggle dryer sheets in any area of your home that might need freshening up, like your dresser drawers, linen closets, garbage cans, clothes hampers, diaper bins, behind curtains, and under couch cushions. **Get rid of dust.** Snuggle dryer sheets make great dust cloths. They easily wipe away dust and leave a wonderful fragrance behind. **Kick out bad odors.** Add a Snuggle dryer sheet to your gym bag and tuck them in your family's shoes. **Keep musty smells** out of old suitcases. Place a Snuggle dryer sheet inside empty luggage before storing. **Remove pet hair.** Brush clothing or fabric with a Snuggle dryer sheet to attract loose hairs. Works like a magnet. **Prevent static shock on carpets.**Mix one cap-full of Snuggle Ultra liquid into a spray bottle filled with water and spray the carpets.Eliminate static electricity from your TV, computer screen, or Venetian blinds. Wipe them with a Snuggle dryer sheet. Since Snuggle, helps eliminate static cling; this will also help keep dust from resettling. **Make your windows sparkle.**Mix 2-3 cap-fulls of Snuggle Ultra liquid in a gallon of warm water and use a sponge to wipe off watermarks and dusty grime. Rinse the sponge frequently. Change the Snuggle solution as needed. Dry windows using a cloth or soft sponge. **Clean glass and Plexiglas tabletops.**Mix 1-2 cap-fulls of Snuggle Ultra liquid in a gallon of lukewarm water and sponge the tabletops. Use a dry cloth to wipe them dry.Freshen your washing machine. **Add a cap-full** of Snuggle Ultra liquid to your washer and run a load without any laundry to dissolve excess soapsuds. **Soften new jeans.**Fill your washing machine with water, add one cap-full of Snuggle liquid, soak the jeans for 1 hour, then run through the rinse cycle and dry. **Prevent thread from tangling.** Run a threaded needle through a Snuggle dryer sheet before sewing. **Remove old wallpaper.**Mix 1-2 cap-fulls of Snuggle Ultra liquid with one gallon of hot water. Dip a sponge or cloth in the mixture and use it to soak the paper. Wait about 20 minutes then peel it off., re-wet the paper as necessary. WOW! How about that... Not sure what else I can say except this poduct definitely  deserves a five star rating.                        


Reno, NV


Smells Wonderful


I love most of Snuggle's Fabric softners, but this one is one of my top three favorites. It has a wonderul scent that isn't overwhelming or too purfumy. I use it on our bedsheets and it smells great when I climb into to get a good night's sleep. It is a nice calming and relaxing scent that isn't too strong. My husband even likes it because it isn't too fragrant or flowery in it's smell. I can always tell if I forgot to put it in with my wash because when I open the door you don't get that great smell. To me it is a comforting smell that isn't like the others that smell like an air freshener or typical cleaning product. My sheets and clothes always come out smelling so clean and feeling super soft and snuggly. My kids love to get the towels fresh out of the dryer and bury their faces in them. The only thing is that it can be pricy if you don't have a coupon and it is not on sale. So if you buy it make sure it is on sale and you have a coupon.


Boiling Springs, SC


The Best Softener for Your Money - Really


I do the laundry in the house, and now that we have a wider selection of detergents and softeners to choose from, I am always looking for the best detergent/softener for my money that not only does what it is supposed to do, or as advertised, but provide quality care for my clothing while smelling good and cleaning well. I have never really used Snuggle up until now, having used Downy more often than not and being impressed at how soft my clothes are, and how great they smell. There is nothing better to me than throwing on a fresh tee that is softer than a cloud and smells like a freshly-washed meadow. However, I wad disappointed to find that Downy does not make a lavender-scented fabric softener - and that has always bugged me. The one I had used before was their 'Sun Blossom' fragrance because it was the most 'natural' of all of them, and believe me, when I found Snuggle had a Lavender scented softener I jumped on it! Snuggle is made the Sun company, which also manufactuers 'all' (an excellent line of quality, 2 - 3x concentrated laundry detergents). So, that means you get a really, really concentrated product for not a lot of money. So, I did a side-by-side comparision on some laundry done with Downy and some with Snuggle to see how it worked out... The one thing I love about Snuggle is the fact that it softens amazingly well without having to use one whole capful to get your clothes soft - so soft that they float. I love it when my shirts and bedsheets just seem to fly in the dryer instead of flumping around heavily. Also, the is absolutely beautiful. There is nothing I love more than the scent of flowers (I am a perfume maniac, and have a serious interest in it), and to be able to curl up in a bed of soothing lavender and sandlewood is nothing short of heaven. Having been in France for a while, I came to love the way their laundry products smell - you'll rarely ever see anything that is not based on a natural scent (like lavender, linden flowers, etc.), and if you think that doesn't smell too great, think again. It is more soothing than something that smells like bubblegum-and-tootsie-rolls, and I have found that it does not bother my sinuses. At all. I have also had no allergic reactions to this fabric softener. It dissolves easily in the final rinse, and a smaller amount can be used yet the same result can be achieved that would take two full caps from Downy to get. It is very clingy to your laundry, so you don't have to worry about it fading in the dryer or, by the end of the day, you can't smell it anymore. It also lasts even when you hang-dry any articles of clothing. I also suggest buying the fabric softener sheets. These are the best I have used so far. Downy's are not as good as I expected, and don't leave behind a noticeable fragrance, but Snuggle's did all of that and more!


Fullerton, CA


Snuggle always "gunks up" my washing machine


Until recently, I used Snuggle and Downy exclusively as my preferred fabric softeners and would alternate between them here and there. Let me start by saying that I do love the smell of Snuggle and it does a great job at making my laundry feel soft and comfortable. But I've recently noticed that when I use Snuggle it seems to leave some sort of grimy residue in my washing machine. Not in the tub itself, but around the edges of it and in the fabric softener dispenser of my machine. It's hard to describe the residue, but either way, it's kind of unsettling that something that's meant to aid in the washing process of your clothes is leaving behind all kinds of gross stuff in your washing machine. My biggest issue is that if it's leaving behind this much "gunk" in the places I can see, what's being left behind in the parts of the machine that I can't see? I can't say that it would necessarily do any damage to the machine itself, but I'd rather be safe that sorry.


Bland, VA


Does an average job.


I was so excited to try snuggle, especially with all of the new, intriguing scents that have come out with recently. I, however, was not knocked off my feet at all when I tried the dryer sheets. I like to use dryer sheets above liquid form because I cannot stand static and snuggle did do the job by eliminating all of the static even on static-prone items like fleece. I have noticed that in the case of snuggle, using dryer sheets the scent is not as lasting on your clothes as some really cheap generic brands of liquid softener that I have used. I was excited about the scent but what's the point if it doesn't make your clothes smell like that? I do like the fact that dryer sheets are convenient, no measuring, you just throw it in but that is true of every dryer sheet. I do not think that snuggle is necessarily worth the normal pricetag that is far above other brands. If it is on sale again for a great deal, this would be the only way I would purchase this product again.


Franktown, CO


Snuggle fabric softerner is cheap


I've seen advertisements,heard from someone,a friend,and co-worker about this product.It's cheap compare to some other fabric softener.It smells really good too.That's what they said about it. I used to buy another kind of fabric softener,it was pricey and I got so dissappointed of how my clothes smell afterwards.Not the result I was expecting.The other brand of fabric softener smells really good the first time I poured it in the washing machine.I thought that's how my clothes will smell when it's done,but no.Waste of money I should say. Anyway when I started using snuggle,I was satisfied with the result.I just love how my clothes and sheets fresh.Whenever I change my bed sheets and put on a new one,I can't just wait to lay in the bed right after I put on the new sheet.That's how good it is. My husband loves the smell of his clothes too.He used to complained whenever I'll grabbed a bottle of fabric softener when we go shopping,because he said it's pricey and the clothes still smell the same anyway.But now he doesn't say anything anymore.Whenever he makes the list,he'll make sure he has it in the list.  


Savannah, GA


Snuggle Softner smells great


Snuggle is one of the brand I trust when it comes to laundry detergent. It has a wonderful smell and my clothes has no static. There are so many selection to chose from. I am very satisfied with it. I love how I can control how strong of a scent I want. I usually use two at a time because I love my clothes coming out smelling fresh and strong. My husband on the other hand uses one. There was an incident where one of my box was opened before I even reached home. I didn't realize it was partially opened and didn't want to go back to the store to do an exchange because it was such a hassle. The gas money to drive back to exchange and go back home didn't justify it. I put the box in a ziploc bag and the smell has kept wonderfully. It took us about 3 months to go through it and it still smell very nice. I believe that the snuggle fabric softener is reasonable price compared to other leadng brands.


Greensboro, NC


Snuggle Fabric Softener is great


Are you tired of your clothes not smelling great?  If so, you'll want to get some Snuggle liquid fabric softener.  This fabric softener is great smelling and makes my clothes so soft.  I was tired of my clothes not having a fragrance to them, so I decided to go out and purchase some liquid fabric softener.  Snuggle happened to be on sale and I also had coupons, so I purchased.  I have been very pleased with my purchase and feel that with just a little Snuggle softener, my clothes smell great.  Snuggle comes in a variety of scents and fragrances and different sizes.  I would highly recommend this product to keep your clother from having static cling and to make your clothes smell as good as they should after being washed.  I will tell my friends and family about this product and will continue to purchase in the future.  I would suggest buying some to add a little something special to your laundry.


Calhoun, GA


Very pleased with pleasant scent and quality!


I have been very pleased with my snuggle fabric softener sheets!  In the past, I have always used off-brand fabric softeners.  I would usually put in 2-3 sheets per load, in order to get my clothes and towels soft!  After receiving some coupons for snuggle, I decided to give the more expensive brand a try.  I am sure glad that I did!  With the use of one sheet, my clothes come out feeling soft and smelling great!  Every now and then I still use two sheets if I have an exceptionally large load, but for the most part, 1 sheet does the trick.  When comparing costs, I believe that using only one sheet of snuggle, compared to multiple sheets of the off brand, makes the costs fairly comparable.  Unlike some people, not using a fabric softener is not an option for me- so to find one that is fairly affordable and that does the trick is very important!  I have been very pleased with this product and plan on continuing to use it!


Bryan, OH


Snuggle Red Plum Fabric Softener

4.5 24