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Snuggle Exhilarations White Lavender & Sandalwood Concentrated Fabric Softener

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Much better that Unstopables.


I was pleasantly surprised on how well my clothes smells after washing them. It's cocentrated so you don't need to use every much. Even after drying them they hold the scent. I have been using Unstopables for a while and have really liked it. I'm not sure why I purchased Snuggle Exhilarations, it must have been on sale, but I'm so glad I did. Now the only problem is, I have 3 containers of Unstopables that I have to use before I can buy more. The fragrance lasts a lot longer.


Wilmington, NC


I loved it


I would like to list what I liked about Snuggle White Lavender and Sandalwood Fabric Softener: 1. Long lasting scent. It lasts for more than a week. I typically don't even like the smell of lavender, but this combination of white lavender and sandalwood smell great together. 2. Snuggle helps my clothes from wrinkles in the dryer. I have a sanitize option in the dryer, some softeners don't help with wrinkles at all. As long as I use Snuggle I know when I pull my clothes out of the dryer I'm not going to have any wrinkles. 3. It's not overpriced unlike some of Snuggle's competitors. It's in the right price range with most of the other fabric softener. So you can have a luxury scent without the expensive cost. I like all sorts of brands of fabric softeners but I always tend to buy more Snuggle products than any other. I love the combination scents more than any other one scent. I highly recommend this White Lavender and Sandalwood scent too!




Performs well, strange scent


I don't buy or use liquid fabric softener very often. I typically use it only for rarely worn delicates and sweaters that aren't going to go in the dryer. I've bought this product the past few times I've purchased liquid softener, and I'm a scent/brand hopper who likes to try different products, so the fact that I keep coming back to this product must mean something. The scent is a little strange, and is for some reason completely different from the scent of Snuggle Exhilarations White Lavender and Sandalwood dryer sheets. I prefer the scent of the dryer sheets to the liquid. That aside there's still something pleasing about the scent, and the softener itself is very effective. It works very well, and I prefer it to other brands I've used in the past, even Downy. Performance As I said above it performs very well, better than anything else in the same category that I've tried. Scent The scent is a bit strange, and if I were the type of person who used liquid softener in every laundry load I probably would want a different scent than this. Since I rarely use liquid softener it's not too bad, but the scent is very sweet and perhaps would be overpowering to some. Also...to be frank, the scent smells NOTHING like either lavender or sandalwood, so if you're expecting either of those scents you'll probably be disappointing.




'New and Improved Scent' is a Mess!


I get so utterly irritated with companies 'updating' their products and effectively destroying them that when I smelled what a mess **Snuggle** has made their *White Lavender & Sandalwood* fabric softener...it was like putting water in milk. I remember how wonderful this stuff smelled - it was sensual, warmed by smoky sandalwood and accented with the powdery herbal scent of lavender. Not only would my clothes come gently floating out of the dryer, still-warm, tender as a cashmere sweater, they would be enveloped in this exotic perfume that was so unlike any other softener available. Even **Downy's** famous Lavender softener didn't compare to what a joy this stuff was to use. I recently noticed that the smaller 50-load bottles were sported a waving green banner touting 'New & Improved Scent!'. I was baffled - what was wrong with the original? It smelled just fine to me? Didn't **Downy** get in trouble for 'modernizing' some of their classic scents? Hadn't companies already learned from **Coco-Cola's** mistake that people don't take to well to 'improved' formulas. Silly as I was, I thought MAYBE they intensified the smell? Maybe they added a little bit more this, a little bit more that, and made something simply amazing into something simply out of this world? WRONG! The 'improved' fragrance is a mixture of the original smell and some cheap, ghastly chemical aroma that reminds me of the smell of cheap bubblegum candy. It's just gross. It softens just as well as it has always done, but if something smells like some mystery brand I'm not going to purchase it. **Snuggle**, whoever suggested this 'update' of such a beautiful fragrance should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Please, I beg you, don't tamper with another favorite, *Blue Iris & Bamboo Silk*. It would be the worst decision E-V-E-R.


Fullerton, CA


Snuggle up with a soft scent in your clothes


This review results from another one of those "never send the husband to shop" type situations. In an attempt to help out he was looking for laundry soap as we were completely out. Normally at the time we were using All Small and Mighty Lavender scented in a purple bottle. Mistakenly the Snuggle Exhilarations Fabric Softener came home instead. Frankly it sat there un-used for many months as I had intended to take it back to the store (notice the word intended). Normally I use dryer sheets but upon needing a tad extra scent in our wash, I chose to try out the fabric softener. So I'll have to admit I dove right in without reading the directions resulting in yellow marks on some of the clothing. Apparently you're not supposed to pour it straight on the clothes - lesson learned. Ah that's what that round well is for in the washer. Once I figured out how to properly use the Snuggle Fabric Softener, I enjoy it. A small capful is all that is needed as this is a concentrated formula. There have been no adverse skin reactions, though no one in our house is particularly sensitive to fragrances or soaps. The scent on this Exhilarations line is White Lavender and Sandalwood. This is a sweet and slightly flowery scent that isn't bothersome. Fortunately the scents are fairly light as I don't like strong scents on my clothes. On top of the clothes smelling fresh, the Snuggle Exhilarations helps make my upstairs (where the laundry is) smell nice and fresh when the load is running. I did notice though the softener helps keep the clothes fresher, longer than just the soap and dryer sheet. I can't say the clothes are any softer, but I also used dryer sheets in the same loads.


Lansing, MI


Makes me want to do laundry.


I purchased Snuggle Exhilarations white Lavender & Sandalwood Concentrated Fabric Softener for all the wrong reasons.I bought it in truth because I like the color purple and that little teddy bear is so darn cute.I can't resist the Snuggle teddy bear or that little cooking doughboy.I am so glad that I purchased it because the smell is very good.I find many fabric softeners that smell good.The problem with most is the scent does not really linger on clothes once they hit the dryer.This fabric softener left a scent on the clothes even after they had been dried.It is a good softener.it made my towels real soft the way I like them to be.I believe that it is really concentrated because it only takes a small amount to do a large load.The price is a little more than the brand I was using before but I will gladly pay it.


West Union, OH


scent lasts forever


I love Snuggle products! They are my absolute favorite brand of fabric softeners. I have tried each and every single scent of Snuggle fabric softeners. I did not expect to like this scent at all, since I usually do not like lavender. It makes me want to puke, usually. But this has a nice, not overwhelming, pleasant scent, that's mixed sandalwood. And since this is White Lavendar, I guess it has a different smell than regular lavender. In any case, this is a great product. I use it in every load of laundry. I do not think i could ever not use fabric softener. I have become totally addicted to the extra softness and lovely scents that it adds to my laundry. The best part is that the white lavender and sandalwood scent stays on the clothing ( or blankets, or towels, or washcloths, or whatever) for quite a bit longer than just that day. It stays on there for months. I mean, sometimes you have to stick your face fully into the blanket to smell it, but it's there!!!!


San Diego, CA


Snuggle Exhilarations White Lavender & Sandalwood Concentrated Fabric Softener

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