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Snuggle Creme Almond Essence Dryer Sheets

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Sweet Almond Essence Dryer Sheets forgot the almond essence!


I have never been a huge fan of Snuggle brand dryer sheets but I love the smell of almonds- almond tea, almond extract, almond cookies- anything almond. It is an intoxicating scent, so when I first saw the **Snuggle Creme Sweet Almond Essence Dryer Sheets** I simply had to stop and take a second look. I was drawn to them because of the advertised word, "almond" but it was the box that sealed the deal. The box made it inviting. It is colored an almond brown color and has a cute little picture of the Snuggle bear made of several almonds floating in water. I could imagine a cup of [Bigelow Fruit & Almond tea][1] and could almost smell my towels coming out of the dryer smelling like sweet almonds. I quickly placed a box in my grocery cart. **Snuggle Creme Sweet Almond Essence Dryer Sheets** were very disappointing to me. I used the first sheet while drying my flannel sheets, then on a batch of towels and finally on a load of sweaters. Nothing. No almond scent. No invigorating almond smell. **Bottom Line:** The Snuggle Creme dryer sheets are more expensive than other brands. In my opinion, they don't work any better than other brands and since the Sweet Almond Essence sheets don't smell like almonds, I don't know why I would pay more for them. Did I mention they don't smell like almonds? Nope. Nada. Nothing like almonds. [There is a soft scent but I'm not sure what it is.] [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Bigelow-Fruit-amp-Almond-Tea-review-a5265

Northern, FL


Snuggle Dryer Sheets Work Wonders on My Clothes!


There are so many different fabric softeners and dryer sheets to choose from nowadays. I do not use a liquid fabric softener, so I totally depend on my dryer sheet to keep my clothes and linens static free. Snuggle is a brand I have used for several years now and I stand by it. These Snuggle Creme Almond Essence dryer sheets smell so good and work even better. Depending on how large of a load I am drying, I only need to use one or two sheets at a time and it does the trick. My clothes never have static eletroicity. They come out so soft and smooth once they are dry. Furthermore, these dryer sheets make my clothes and linens smell so good. They truly come out smelling like sweet almonds. It is one of the best smelling dryer sheets I have ever used and I have told all of my friends and family about them. These dryer sheets are inexpensive, they smell phenomenal, and most importantly they work great.

Palm Bay, FL


Snuggle Creme Almond Essence Dryer Sheets

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