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SnuggBuds - Premium Headphones

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SnuggBuds Headsets..They absolutely stay in with sweat!


I had the hardest time finding the right pair of ear buds in the past because ( a. they don't stay in esp. with sweat; b. uncomforble fit; c. sound quality; d. cost). I spent hundreds of dollar finding a perfect pair for me but nothing's stays until I tried Snuggbuds Headsets. It has everything that I've ever wanted. I was at a running event in Florida and tried their headsets at the expo. I was amazed and impressed how the product speaks for itself. I bought the pink Fusion headsets with the mic. I used to bring 3 Headsets. My Bose noise canceling, my light weight Headsets gor running and an iPhone Headsets for talking. Now, I only bring my Fusion wherever I go. The sound quality is superior, has a comfortable fit and most importantly, they don't fall out when I run! Great product and I highly recommend them. FYI, I have been using Snuggbuds for the last 3 years and I am still a very happy customer. I have been recommending them to my running friends and family members. Definitely, two thumbs up!!!

Denver, CO


Okay; not worth the price.


I just purchased these at an expo for the Women's Half Marathon in Nashville. When I got them home and gave them a try with my OWN iPod and my own favorite tunes, I was very disappointed; especially since I paid twice for them what I pay for the Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds. Even trying them with different EQ settings, I simply could not get a sound that was suitable to me. Bottom line, don't waste your money on these. My opinion: Skullcandy Ink'd is a far better product. Sound Quality Muffled sound; not very clear.



Easy to carry, indestructible, compact


The feature I like most about these that SnuggBuds replace is traditional headphones which are heavy and cannot be transported easily without fear of damage. SnuggBuds can be carried in a small case in your pocket, purse, or briefcase and you don't have to worry about damaging them. SnuggBuds although not inexpensive provides a great sound experience. SnuggBuds are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. Sound Quality The sound quality is exceptional. This is great for anyone who really enjoys their audio. Two side effect of SnuggBuds is that they block out external noise and unlike other brands and headphones don not create an distraction an annoyance to other people in the vicinity of the wearer. Comfort They are very comfortable to wear in comparison to wearing headphones. Design Somewhat hype but they have different models available for different types of activities. Durability SnuggBuds are made out of aluminum castings hence they're fare more durable than cheap plastic

Santa Fe, NM


2 weeks and they went haywire some kind of internal short...


I liked the fit the sound and the fabric cord. I expected way more longevity than 2 weeks of occasional use! The company doesn't seem to be in a hurry to answer the phone to help either, so I'm griping here. Durability Way substandard!



Snuggbuds are the best headphones I have ever owned!!


Look out Skullcandy and other headphone makers...there is a new kid in town! SnuggBuds! These are premium quality headphones made for an array of devices but work especially well with my IPhone since it has a mic that can utilized when the phone rings. These are inner ear buds with excellent bass and ambient noise reduction qualities that allow the music to be the focus when in use. I find them to be great at reducing the outside noise that comes from other people's conversations, cars or street noise when I am running. There is also a nifty little switch that allows me to pause my music and hear what other people are saying. I can then switch it back to play with only squeezing this section placed well on the cord. No fumbling with the phone or ipod. They are also very light, seal well in my ear and do not hurt with longer usage. Another great feature is I don't have to listen on a higher level because the music quality is exceptional. Give these a try. Sandy Sound Quality Still excellent after HOURS of use.

Whitewright, TX


SnuggBuds - Premium Headphones

3.8 5