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Toilet Cleaner
Sno Bol
Sno Bol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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This product dyed the stains on my toilet blue, rather than cleaning them. Now i dont know how i am going to get the dye off.




Don't flush your money down the toilet.


I am not sure why this stuff is called Sno Bowl because it sure didn't get my toilet bowl snow white! I was expecting something with bleach in it with a name like that. Something that was really going to make the bowl shine. I was disappointed. However, this toilet bowl cleaner has a much lower price point than the other leading name brands. You definitely get what you pay for. It isn't very thick so it doesn't stick to the sides and under the rim well. I found that I had to use twice as much of it as the other stuff because it just slides right down into the toilet bowl and doesn't coat very well. I didn't feel like the toilet was really clean or disinfected. I felt like I was just flushing my money down the toilet. Scent The smell is terrible! I don't often say this of cleaners because I typically enjoy the smell of most. You would think that a toilet bowl cleaner would actually smell nice since that is one place in the house that needs a little scent boost, but this stuff just made it worse.


Hendersonville, NC


Nothing compares for removing hard water stains!


Great product! It is the only brand I have found that removes hard water stains. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because it does have a strong odor. Best to have good ventilation while using. Other than that can't say enough about it's cleaning power. Cost is also reasonable compared to other toilet bowl cleaners. Overall, the best toilet bowl cleaner I have seen. Scent Scent is strong, but I haven't used a toilet bowl cleaner that didn't have a strong odor.






An AMAZING product that doesn't get enough exposure Performance I was introduced to this product by my mother. Not only does it CLEAN mold, mildew, soap scum and hard water stains, it also removes RUST. The trick to this is to keep pouring it on over and over the stain, and right before your eyes it's GONE!! Stains that I thought was permeant came off with this stuff. IT does work. Make sure you are in a room that has air flow or a fan, because the fumes can be a little strong and make sure you wear gloves, but no scrubbing required. I recommend this product to anyone. Scent It scent is a little strong




Sno Bol Cleans the toilet, but kills the environment


I think that using really expensive cleaners to clean the toilet is just ridiculous. I'm going to just flush it anyway. But I think that Sno Bol has found a good balance between cheap and good. A lot of times saving a buck means sacrificing quality, but not with Sno Bol. I have noticed, however, that I have to leave it to sit for a while, so usually what I do is I spray the toilet, and then I clean the rest of the bathroom, and then I come back to it, and it comes right out. On the other hand, doing it that way leaves a really bad smell that I have to deal with as I clean the rest of the bathroom. I mean, cleaning the toilet is not my idea of the best day ever, but Sno Bol has made it a little easier and a little less time-consuming, so it definitely helped. I also stopped using it once I realized how bad it is for the environment. I don't think it's a good idea to just flush a bunch of chemicals down the drain, just to get stains out of the toilet.


Hastings, NE


Didn't remove hard water stains, just dyed them BLUE!


I'm on a serious budget, so I hoped Sno-Bol would be an inexpensive alternative to the other toilet bowl cleaners I'd tried (like Scrubbing Bubbles Gel).  I found it decent for removing the usual mildewy-looking stuff and freshening the bowl, but pretty ineffective when it came to removing hard water stains.  I followed the directions, but when I brushed out the bowl and rinsed, I found that the areas of hard water deposits had been dyed bright blue.  OK, if it can't remove them, can it at least not make them even more NOTICEABLE?  I figure that hard water deposits, being made up of minerals, are porous, and absorb the dye, so here's a thought ... if the cleaner doesn't dissolve hard water stains, REMOVE THE DYE. I had to use Lime-Away to remove the deposits and dye ... once I did that, I found Sno-Bol kept the toilet bowl clean, so it's decent for maintenance cleaning, but every couple of months, I have to use something else to remove the hard water deposits.  


Carmel, IN


Sno Bowl Works but Smells


There are 2 boys and 1 man in my household so you can bet I have to clean the toilets frequently.  Our town also uses water that is rough on the pipes and hard on the toilets, toilets need to be cleaned at least every other day or you risk staining.  You don't have to do a major cleaning every day, but you need to give it a swirl with the toilet brush, just to keep the sediment from sticking.  Whenever we on vacation we usually come home to stained toilets, and I have to admit that not all of the cleaners I have used on these toilets has worked really well.  The last product I was using was leaving some staining along the ridge so I had to try something else.  One of the least expensive cleaning products I could find that said it helped remove rust and hard water stains was Sno Bol, so I purchased it. Sno bowl comes in a 24 fluid oz bottle.  The top of the bottle is angled so that you can squirt it under the ridge and underside of the toilet.  It doesn't come out perfectly like you want it to, but although it might not be the neatest squirt job you can eventually get it done.  I used it and left it to sit in the toilet and around the rim for about 15 minutes as suggested.  I also used it to clean the bottom of the toilet and the seat.  There were some stains on the seat due to a medication that a family member of mine was on that died their urine.  The medicine seemed to get in the air and stained the underside of the toilet seat orange in some places.  I squirt some of the Sno Bol on the seat and let it sit for 15 minutes as well.  The stain did lighten up but did not completely go away, it actually turned a light shade of pink, which while was not what I was going for is not as gross looking as the orange color.  As for the hard water stains, it worked really, really well.  I have to say that my toilet bowl has not looked this bright and sparkly in years.  I did not even have to scrub it just came right off.  While I was cleaning I was noticing a urinal type smell, you know it smells like those little cleaning patty things they put in urinals.  It is not a pleasant smell. I figure one it was all wiped away and clean that the smell would go away.  I cleaned the toilet at around 2 in the afternoon and it was still smelling that terrible urinal smell at 9 O'Clock at night. Since my powder room is right next to the kitchen it was really starting to make me sick.  Nobody in my family complanied, but to me the smell is just unbearable.   Now I am at a catch 22.  The product worked amazingly on the hard water deposits, and really got the underside of the rim clean, and I did not have to work that hard to get these results, but unfortunately it smells so bad, that I don't think that I want to use it any more.  After it was all dried and clean, I even sprayed some lemon scented all purpose cleaner on the toilet and wiped it off, but the urinal smell overpowered the the lemon smell.  So my feelings about this are mixed.  I guess it is nice to have a sparkly clean toilet, and I am happy that some stains that I could not get off with other products are now gone.  So I guess it is worth it, and hopefully the smell will eventually fade.


Crystal Lake, IL


Sno Bol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

2.9 7