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Snausages Breakfast Bites for Dogs

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Snausages Breakfast Bites for Dogs are my dog's favorite


My dog can't get enough Snausages Breakfast Bites for Dogs. I swear he would eat an entire package in one sitting if I were to let him. But of course I won't let him. I think the little egg and bacon shapes are cute. They're actually the reason that I purchased these treats to begin with. Although I'm pretty sure my dog doesn't care what shape they are as long as they taste good. He will do any of his many tricks to earn these treats. I don't mind buying them for my dog because they are very reasonably priced and he just loves them. They don't smell bad like some other dog treats. I've bought some that have made me nauseous to smell them. Overall they make my dog happy so I'm happy with them. Quality of Ingredients I don't think the ingredients are of a high quality. They seem pretty much like a doggie "junk food". But as long as you don't overdo it. I think it's fine. Side Effects My dog didn't experience any side effects from Snausages Breakfast Bites for Dogs.

Canton, OH




I purchased these treats for my dogs after coming across a great sale coupled with a manufacturers coupon. My dogs took the treats with no problems but they ended up crumbled all over the kitchen. They just kind of sniffed around and nibbled on them and just didn't really seem that interested. Most treats they just gobble down. As a general rule my dogs are not finicky eaters so I really found this odd. I like that this product was reasonably priced especially with a coupon and seems to be readily available anywhere pet supplies are sold. I like that the manufacturer offers coupons for this product to help with cost. Like the resealable pouch. the flavors seemed to sound enticing to a dog. My dogs just would not eat them very well. Quality of Ingredients Like most purchased dog treat the ingredients do not look that healthy for dogs. Since I carry my dogs with me many times I like a treat that I can slip in a plastic bag and put in my pocket and carry along. I find that rewarding them for good behavior is so much easier for training. These treats do not carry well because they crumble. Side Effects My dogs really had no side effects from these because they would not eat enough of them to have an effect. I ended up giving them to a neighbor with dogs that eat anything.



Snausages Breakfast Bites for Dogs

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