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Snapple Noni Berry metabolism Juice Drink

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Snapple Noni Berry Metabolism Juice Drink is awesome!


Snapple Noni Juice is so awesome!  I loved it the moment it splashed over my lips.  This juice tastes wonderful and I could drink it all day long.  I can feel a change in body after drinking it and it helps me to want to continue on my healthy journey through life. Thank you Snapple for making something so magnanamous.

Livingston, TX


very light tasting but very good for you!


every time i go to the store i buy a snapple drink. i love the way the bottle looks and besides that the juice taste so good. it was my favorite drink when i was pregnant with my daughter. i have recently got my husband into this drink and he loves it...i like the taste and it is very smooth...plus all the choice of flavors...i very much reccommend this product

Kissimmee, FL


Perfect indulgence for a low-calorie, low-carb, low-sugar eater.


    I tried Snapple's Noni Berry drink yesterday for the first time and am getting ready to go buy some more (in bulk) if possible.  It taste great and is a sweet little indulgence that I'm so glad I ran into at my local convience store while I was looking for something different besides flavored water or diet soda.  I saw it and thought, WoW....but I was sure that it was loaded with sugar, carbs and calories, much to my surprise when I turned that bottle around.....10 calories per serving, 0 fat, 1 gram of carbs and 1 gram of sugar!  I couldnt believe it!   So I read it again and sure enough it was true.  Its only 5% juice, but thats better than nothing right? And yes there is caffeine, which is listed like 3rd to last on the ingredient list.     The bottom line is this.....its good!  Its better than  a lot of other low-calorie  drinks out there.  Full flavored and satisfying to your sweet tooth with a lift to your metabolism....How can you beat that!    OMG.....Just try it!    Go now......lets race.....

Annville, PA


I love this drink. It tastes great & really gives me a boost.


I'm so glad I found this drink.  I'm not a juice drinker usually but I love this stuff.  It tastes great, only has 20 calories per bottle and actually gives me energy and puts me in a pretty good mood.  I just feel good overall after drinking this. 

Canonsburg, PA


Snapple Noni Berry is a healthier alternative to Energy Drinks


When I first saw Snapple Noni Berry in our vending machines at work, I was pretty intrigued.  I enjoy Snapple ice tea and this product was in the same container.  The redish/dark pink color convinced me to try it. **What is it?**Snapple Noni Berry is a fruit flavored drink.  The fruit?  It's called a Noni Berry.  Don't worry, I've never heard of it either.  On the bottle there is a story about how this unique fruit, the Noni, "is said to improve energy to promote a happier, more positive outlook."  Sounds great doesn't it?  This 17.5 oz bottle is actually 2 servings which I find to be perfect.  I generally drink half a bottle and save the rest for the next day. **How is it unique?**This drink is unique because it is a berry no one has ever tried before!  That's what drew me in and that's what keeps me buying it at least once a week at work.  It is also unique because it is a fruit flavored drink that is also considered an energy drink.  I definitely get a boost, there's no doubt about it.  Usually 1 serving gives me enough energy to last through work.  **What do I like about it?**The flavor is decent.  It's better than other energy drinks on the market and perhaps that's because it's actually a fruit drink and not an energy drink.  The flavor isn't fantastic and I do enjoy other Snapple beverages better.  However, I do feel an energy burst after I drink it and that is why I got hooked.  I love the thought of a natural and healthy energy booster. **Why is it only average after all of that?**I noticed as soon as I bought my first bottle that there is only 5% juice, however it still tasted very natural with the 2 top ingredients being water and pear juice.  I will never understand why drink makers can't manage to squeeze more juice into these bottles, so that does bring my rating of the drink down a bit. The story on the side markets it as a berry that gives you energy, but upon closer examination you'll see that it actually contains 30 mg of Caffeine and 55mg of EGCG which is an ingredient used in tea.  While I don't mind the tea ingredient so much, I do mind the Caffeine!  If you didn't look close enough at the bottle, and just read the nice story about the early Polynesians that went to hunt down this energy producing fruit, you may be drinking a lot of unwanted Caffeine as I did for over a month!  The only reason I even noticed the Caffeine is because I was examining the bottle so I could review it.  I would have given this 4 stars until I read that. **Will I still drink it?**Now that I know it is filled with Caffeine, I will still drink it but I will cut back.  I try to limit the number of Caffeinated drinks I have in a week so now that I know I will pay attention and only buy it once every few weeks or less.  The flavor is still decent, but I'm seeking out a semi-healthy drink instead.  Since I only manage to drink half a bottle at a time anyway, it's not that bad to have. **Conclusion**In the end, I feel as if there are natural drink solutions out there that don't have the Caffeine and still give you energy.  Water is one great example of that!  Juice is another.  I can't rate this product anything but average because the only reason I liked it so much at first is because I thought it was a natural energy boost.  Instead I found it was all fake!!  It's still worth a try, but be aware of what you are drinking.

Metro Detroit, MI


Snapple Noni Berry metabolism Juice Drink

4.6 5