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Snapple Diet Lemon Iced Tea

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Yes, You Can Be Addicted To Iced Tea


Years ago I was introduced to Snapple when a friend offered me a bottle when I was leaving the gym. He had a large cooler in his truck and had several bottles of water, cans of soda and a couple of different flavors of Snapple. The only thing that was diet (outside of the water) was the Snapple Diet Iced Tea; normally I am pretty picky when it comes to iced tea that contains lemon. I like it to accent the tea but not be something that overpowers it. I knew after the first sip that I would be adding it to my grocery shopping list. The taste was clean and brisk without the lemon taste staying in your mouth for a half hour after you finished the bottle. The only word of warning that I have about it is that it is sweetened with aspartame so if you are sensitive to that artificial sweetener its best to not have more than one bottle of this a day. Each sixteen ounce serving contains 10 calories, 15 milligrams of sodium and that's it. To get the best taste you do need to drink this ice cold. When I lived on the West Coast you could find this everywhere; all of the grocery stores sold it and when I got completely desperate for it I knew I could find it at the gas station but for a much higher price than buying the co-packs at the store. Now that I am on the East Coast I have to get it at a price club which means getting the large 12 or 24 pack; it will get consumed but I try to have only one a day. I have also tried the powdered Singles-To-Go sleeves of the Diet Snapple (with lemon) and the taste is comparable to the bottled version but you can adjust the strength of it by adding more or less water depending on the taste you prefer.



Tasty drink that goes with any meal or time of day


Fantastic ice tea, it's the standard that all other bottled diet tea's are compared against, a great daily staple. Pour it over ice and it's a delight. I also love the snapple quick facts on the bottom of the cap, nothing better then learning an interesting fact while being refreshed.



Snapple Diet Lemon Iced Tea

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