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Snapper HI VAC Push Mower

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Snapper model 2170b will make mowing your yard snappy


I have a Snapper two cycle self propelled mower with a bagger. It is awesome! The bagger is very easy to unload the clippings and easy to carry. I love this mower because it has variable speeds to set for walking behind fast or slow. For me i can set the thing on the highest setting and it will take off like a jet. It has a lot of power to it for being a push mower. It really does a superb job on the lawn and makes it look spectacular. I know whenever i mow my yard with my Snapper, My neighbors are very jealous and envious of me for having my yard look so good after it's mowed. I owe all of the credit there to Snapper! I never have a hard time starting it eithor. It will crank up on the first or second pull of the rope, usually the first pull will get the mower running. Snapper Mowers are all great products and i believe everyone that mows their own yard should own at least one. I am definitely glad i do!

Greenbrier, AR


Snapper HI VAC Push Mower

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