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Snapper 190 cc Gas Powered 22-in 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 7800837


7800837 Features: -Variable speed- easily change the speed to mow at your own pace.-Advanced cutting system allows for a precise, even cut.-9 position single point height-of-cut from 1.25'' to 4''.-1'' tubing and over molded handle for extra durability and comfort.-Deck wash out port.-ReadyStart no prime, no choke.-Fresh Start fuel cap. Specifications: -3-n-1 convertible- mulching, bagging, side discharge.

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Very Dependable


Well made, reliable, and long lasting. Would definitely buy again. I really like that is is self-propelled, uses plain gasoline, and you can choose to mow with or without a bagger or mulch. Performance Does the job very well and starts reliably every time. It would be nice to have an electric start, but it always starts on the first or second pull anyway. Handling The self-propelled feature is very nice, but it is a bit heavy to handle for a woman. I like that is has numerous speeds to suit anyone's pace or to suit the conditions. Durability The only thing that I have had to replace on this mower since it bought it is the pull rope. I have had several mowers and this one has definitely been the most durable. Safety Has the typical safety features, such as automatic shut off when you release the handle. Ease of Use Very easy to use, and I like that you don't have to mix gas and oil for this motor. Putting the bagger assembly on and off could be a bit easier, but it's not bad. Engine Power It bogs down a little bit in extra tall grass/weeds, as does any mower, but overall it does very well and is perfect when you mow the grass before it gets out of hand!


Minneapolis, MN


Snapper Self-Propelled Lawn Mower


One of my hobbies is to spend time gardening and a big part of that is mowing the lawn. When my last lawn mower was on its last legs I decided to purchase this Snapper. I have never owned a Snapper before but the store I bought it from never stocks bad stuff so I thought I'd take a chance on a new brand. What I like about this brand is that it is so easy to push. There is a lever at the top which, if you pull toward you, it goes faster, if you ease up on the lever it goes more slowly. So you can go at your own pace. I let the Snapper go at just my walking speed and it does a great job of cutting - the lawn looks like it was cut with a good quality lawn mower. The bag is easy to empty, or you can use the mower with the bag unattached if you like to leave grass cuttings on your lawn. My Snapper is about two years old now, as yet I haven't had it serviced and occasionally, especially if I haven't mowed in a while, it can take a few pulls of the starter cord before it starts up. Hopefully my mower will go on for many years but if not, my next brand will definitely be a Snapper.




Snapper 190 cc Gas Powered 22-in 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 7800837

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