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Snap On
Snap On 12V Cordless Drill

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The Snap On Cordless Drill is a great tool for anything


The Snap On cordless drill is a helpful tool that helps get the job done.  I help my boyfriend at his automotive perpermance nad repair shop.  I use this tool to help build fiberglass speak enclosures and custom fabrications.  It helps to make the job get done fast and easy.  It is a great tool and a great company.  Things have gone wrong with it and Snap on will replace it for no additional charge.  We use it at the automotive shop and in my car and at home.  It is a great product to have for heavy duty jobs and the littlest jobs around the house.  My 9 year old niece can even use it with no problems.  The battery is great.  It stays charged for hours.  The battery life has the longest charge of any cordless drills I have ever used.  The charger it self is great as well.  The charger is fast and durable.  The cordless drill is durable aswell.  It has been dropped, thrown, and stepped on. The cordless Snap On drill is a great product to purchase for any family.

Sarasota, FL


Snap On 12V Cordless Drill

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