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Smooth N Shine
Smooth N Shine Therapy Silk Fusion Repair X-Treme Leave-In Treatment

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This Protein-Rich Hair Strengthener Really Works


Without the use of leave-in treatments, my hair would dry out more quickly than is healthy. I've tried several different brands with moderate success and right now I'm testing out Smooth N Shine. Silk Fusion comes in a vial and can be purchased either singly or in a set. The only thing that annoys me about this hair treatment is that the liquid doesn't belong in vial packaging. You're supposed to shake up the vial to blend the ingredients and then pour some into your hand. Well, I always end up with a drippy mess and spill as much on the counter as I get in my hair. Frustrating. Aside from the vial packaging, I'm a big fan of this product. I try to use it a couple of times per week and it helps ward off breakage and damage. Effectiveness As far as effectiveness goes, I really do love the protein-rich ingredients list. Panthenol, biotin, silk amino acids (protein) and pearl powder (high absorption plus rich in antioxidants, protein and calcium) combine to help build up hair weakened by chemical processing and heat styling. I didn't necessarily notice "silk-like smoothness" or "pearl-like shine," but more importantly, my hair feels strengthened and in better condition, with much less breakage. For softness and shine I simply use a touch of argan oil and Neutrogena Silk Touch Leave-in Cream. Scent The scent is a bit odd in that it's hard to think of something to compare it to. But it's a light scent that doesn't linger too long, so it doesn't bother me at all.

Chicagoland, IL


Smooth N Shine Therapy Silk Fusion Repair X-Treme Leave-In Treatment

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