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Smooth Fitness
Smooth Fitness Treadmill

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Okay for moderate exercise


As a personal trainer, I need a treadmill that can acclimate and support a variety of fitness levels as well as individuals of differing sizes and abilities. This treadmill did not meet my expectations or demands. For a beginning exerciser or a light weight individual who does not plan to put much milage or pounding, it would be fine. Anything or anyone more than that might be disappointed. I have several heavy clients who complained that it felt unsteady or like it might not support them even at low speeds. It was impossible for a male client who is well over six feet tall, weighing in around 240 lbs to do much more than a light jog. Even when I tried to speed intervals, it sounded like elephants were running in the room, and I have a light, midfoot strike. The control console is a bit difficult to see and doesn't seem user friendly. The programs are okay at best. I do appreciate the angle of the cupholders as well as the fact that there are two. Water is quickly and easily accessible as opposed to the upright holders found on most treadmills. It folds up quite simply for storage. For those who are new to working out or want something for walking or casual jogs, it will be just fine.

Dallas, TX


Smooth Fitness is the best Treadmill I've ever owned.


If you're a casual exerciser or an avid runner this machine will do the trick. It is very durable and easy to use. I've owned one for about 2 years and the Smooth Fitness has not given me any problems. Both my wife and I use it almost daily. It folds for space saving and is reasonably quiet It's a little on the expensive side, but worth it.

Bronx, NY


enjoy working out!


I enjoy walking/jogging on this treadmill.  I do wish that I could create my own programs, but use the pre-programmed ones on this one a lot.  I love the shock absorber - makes jogging much easier on my knees and back.  There is a large monitor area for my iPod and magazines, as well as a place to keep my water bottle.

Hillsboro, OR


this is great


This is a great treadmill that I use at my home. It is functional and priced farily. It looks good. I use it everyday and I love it. I use it in my family room. It gives me a great workout. I'd recommend this to a friend for sure.  It was a gift to me by my brother.  I think it makes a wonderful gift.  I hope to purchase one for my mom.  Also, I have friends who like to come over to use it.  Everyone is very much in love with this machine.

Cranston, RI


Smooth Fitness Treadmill

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