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Smoking Everywhere E-Cigarette Starter Kit

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Not as effective as I hoped


These are great when you want to smoke inside, although most places won't even let you use these inside buildings which takes the main purpose away. I have tried quitting smoking for a very long time now and they do take that urge to stop smoking, but due to not having that actual nicotine, you are constantly craving more, which in the end makes this a lot more expensive than buying actual smokes. The best apart of this is there is no side effects that you experience, minus that actual cravings for real cigarettes.



Taste Like A Cigarette Minus The Harmful chemicals


A present to myself which I was pleasantly surprized to discover. I've tried everything in the past to wean from smoking and nothing seemed to satisfy the strong craving. Heavy smoker for too many years. My family could not believe that I love the electronic cigarette. In a short time I have cut my smoking in half. It's safe and it really does taste like a cigarette without the odor or the harmful chemicals. I've seen individuals smoking in public places because it is not a real cigarette. Who would have ever thought? An awesome product. I highly recommend!

Fort Gratiot, MI


Smokingeverywhere electronic cigarette is a safer way to smoke.


When I first head that there was such a thing, I did not believe it. I had to have one! I was excited to hear that I could smoke it anywhere and it was a safer way to smoke. I purchased one and I was blown away. I would have never imagined that such a product was even thought of, let alone invented. I charged mine and took it to work. I was excited that I did not have to stand out in the cold with the smokers. I had so many co-wokers at my desk asking where I bought it. This was a great advertisement for the company, as I know of at least thirteen people who purchased one once they saw mine. Great product! How it works: You charge the battery, which is a white cylinder which is shaped and looks just like a Cigarette. then you take the atomizier which looks like a regular cigarette filter, and screw it into the cylinder. The atomizer is where your nicotine is located. I highly recomend this product! One thing many should know that the tip of the e-cig is a light and does not light up. No chance of fire and no matches are needed.

Ogden, UT


E-cigarette is the next best thing to smoking!


Electronic cigarette is a revolutionary idea. I've tried it myself in an effort to cut down on nicotine and eventually quit smoking. I was skeptical at first but once I got the hang of it, I trully enjoyed it. It is a bit pricey but not as expensive as the escalating cost of cigarettes. After two orders, I stopped and decided it's time to "kick the habit". Today I'm what you call "smoke free". Surprisingly, my husband also used e-cig and was impressed as well. Try it, you might just like it!

Phoenix, AZ


Lowest quality.Dont waste your time on smokinganywhere


I must say that electronic cigarettes are the most interesting electronic device of 2009 !There are so many of these products out there and it is overwhelming to search for the right one. The smokinganywhere e-cig is mass produced in china.Now dont get me wrong the device works but is way over priced and does not compare to other cheaper models going around the net today.The major downfall I have found with the smokinganywhere e-cig is that the cartridge used to hold the nicotine/water/?/flavor leaks where the cartridge meets the battery the solution then gets all over your fingers and so forth.the customer service is not so great as they never have returned my e-mails.the packaging is not the greatest and does not come with charging pack or extra parts like others on the market.The atomizer only has a life of about 6 months then has to be replaced.other companies that offer these e-cigs provide 2 atomizers in there starter kit smoking anywhere only offers 1.To sum it up I would say do your research before you buy this product I am certain you will find a better brand for your money .

Mount Gilead, OH


Smoking Everywhere E-Cigarette Starter Kit

3.8 5