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Paring Knife
Smith & Wesson
Smith & Wesson Micarta 7" Skinner Fixed Blade

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Very small.


This smith and wesson knife has a good strong blade on it that will withstand any type of beating that you will give to it. We go out hunting every year and many times a year at that, we also do a lot of fishing. We hunt a lot of small game animals and have used this knife many times to skin the animal because the big skinning knives for big game just do not do the trick on a small animal or even on a fish. This knife sharpens up very easily and nicely, it gets as sharp as can be. This knife has taken a lot of abuse and been used in many situations and is very trusty anytime that I have to pull it out and use it. The price is very cheap compared to the quality of the knife. It is not an expensive knife so expect it to be something very small and plain, but it works very well and has never failed me when I have had to use it, it always does the trick and works well. This is my go to knife when I do not need something huge and I carry it with me everyday and have used it in so many situations.



Smith & Wesson Micarta 7" Skinner Fixed Blade

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