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Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick - All Shades (Susan G. Komen Limited Edition)

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nice lipstick


last week i ordered this lipstick from smashbox website ..i must say its awesome...it has nice variety of colors and most importantly its not cacky on your lips.. my girlfriends everybody were asking about this lipstick color and where i got it from...it has mosturizing formula where your lips wont feel dried and even the smell of this lipstick is awesome..i loved it so much that i ordered a bunch of it later for my friends and relatives..you can place order through their website to receive few more qualifying samples LOL....its more like watery look on your lips...its not sticky and it stays longer than the usual lipsticks i had so far..its pretty descent and good...it gives gorgeous look on your face...i keep my eyes open for the sale on their website so that i can grab few for myself and my sister ... almost all of the color works on everyone ..its just my guess.. you can try it yourself when you go to some mall ...there you can try different shades...and see which color works for you...my favourite is plum

Denver, CO


Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick is a really nice product


I feel that the Smashbox Photo Finish LIpstick Is a very nice product, and I'm a full supporter of Susan G. Komen and all breast cancer related charities because several of my family members have had it. So that influenced my buy, and that I knew smashbox had excellent products, so I tacked this one to one of my deals. I was very impressed with the fluidity of the lipstick and how well it shapes and molds to your lips without creating stains or over colouring. The colour isn't for everyone, but it is a fabulous colour, it's great for my pale skin and my lips are nearly this colour! The texture is also nice, most lipsticks are cakey, but this is very nice, almost like a chapstick but lipstick quality, very hard to find and I use it sparingly. It actually is great in photo's I must admit, I did try it! ;) I would recommended this to everyone with the suitable skin tones, and hope that they would enjoy it as much as I did.

Barling, AR


Thnk Pink


I like to do my part for breast cancer awareness month.  I make a contribution to the Susan G Komen fund, but purchasing a few fun products that make donations to this fund is also something I do.  I like to find a product that makes a significant contribution and this fit the bill.  The lipstick is incredibtly pink in the tube and is a sheer, vibrant pink on the lips.  I usually top if with a gloss that has some brown or raspberry undertones and then I am set to go.  The lipstick is moisturizing and feels good on the lips.  Because of the soft color and the application of the lip gloss it doesn't last for hours, but I never expect my lip products to do so.  I can happily reapply as necessary.  I probably wouldn't choose this color if it weren't for the breast cancer tie in, but I do like Smashbox products, the lipstick is a quality product and I have made it work.

Potomac, MD


Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick - All Shades (Susan G. Komen Limited Edition)

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