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Smashbox Cream Eyeliner Palette - All Shades

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Smeary Eyed Can Be Your New Name


When it comes to having products which create a beautiful natural style look, Smashbox is one of the best. They have lots of products which contribute to that *put together* look that so many people crave, without looking like you have a bunch of makeup on. **Product Details** One of the items I have had the chance to own is the Smashbox Cream Eyeliner Palette. With colors from lavender to purple, green, navy, brown, gold, and silver (and a few more thrown in too), this palette offers a good selection of cream eyeliners. The flip top case is hinged and allows you to see the eyeliner colors only when lifted- the top is not clear. there are 10 liner colors in the palette and a mini brush. Colors are highly pigmented and easy to spread on the skin. **Product Performance** On the one hand, these cream eyeliners are extremely pigmented and very deep in color. The texture is very creamy- like butter and honey mixed almost. They settle onto the skin beautifully and do make a lovely line. Unfortunately, these do not set on the skin like MAC Fluidlines or Maybelline Color Tattoos do. They simply melt into the skin and sit there. That means that if you accidentally rub them, you will have a smear. I also use most of my gel liners as cream eyeshadow. I can do this with these as well and the colors sheer out well, but they tend to get patchy. Also, because they move around so easily, they wear off quickly. **The Bottom Line** Smashbox Cream Eyeliner Palette is nice in theory, but in practice it just does not live up to my expectations. Color does not set on the skin, is easily smeared, and fades or ghosts up onto eyes quickly. I just don't find them useful and rarely use the palette for anything, as I can not find anything it is useful for!

Podunk, NY


My new favorite palette!


I love, love, love this palette. It's a new way to apply eyeliner. And I absolutely adore the colors that come in this palette. I have never before used green, blue, purple, or even gold eyeliner, and I was surprised at how amazing these looked. I thought any color besides black would look tacky, but I was so wrong! These colors in the palette are not only very pigmented, but they are also fairly subtle when put on the eye. There's only a hint of blue or purple under eye when used, and it looks great this way. The palette can also be used as an eyeshadow palette Since the colors are all creams, it is fairly easy to blend the colors and apply it as well. The colors are more prominent when used as eyeshadow since it is being spread onto the eyelid instead of underneath the eye. What might take you aback is the actual size of the palette. It is super tiny, but well worth the money spent on it!!! 

Norman, OK


Easy to use, but smudges


I was given this palette of Smashbox cream eyeliner as a gift, and I use it occasionally when I have a special occasion.  I love that it comes with a tiny brush.  Since the tip of the brush is so thin and angled, this eyeliner is very easy to use, especially for small details, like the cat-eye look.  It is much, much easier than liquid eyeliner!  I am utterly un-skilled with liquid eyeliner, so this cream eyeliner is perfect for me.  I love the colors included in this palette also - there is a useful variety of shades, and they are very versatile.  I still prefer my trusty old MAC Fluidline, as the Fluidline eyeliners never smudge during the day.  These Smashbox eyeliners do rub off a little, and sometimes end up on my upper eyelid at the end of the day if I line my upper eye.  I suppose they wouldn't smudge off if I used primer, but I don't have to use primer with MAC Fluidline.

La Jolla, CA


Great eyemakeup


This eyeliner is great for anyone who has problems applying eyeliner. I love it cause it glides on straight across and less of a mess as pencil if you are to mess up. They have a great colors to choose from and matching eyeshadows as well. The only thing bad is it can be somewhat pricey, but if you are willing to pay and love gel style eyeliner this is the product for you. I just love it because I have such a hard time with putting eye liner on that this makes it so simple and easy to do and you can really glam up your eyes or use it for day to day wear like I mainly do. Their intervention has truley helped me be more precise in the way that I apply my make up, and it looks professionally done without the cost  My favorie colors of course are the black and brown, but they also have a nice purple, and army green color as well. This is truley a great product and I would highly recommend it if you are thinking of trying it,

Reynoldsburg, OH


Smashbox Cream Eyeliner Palette - All Shades

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