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SmartyKat SuperScratcher

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Good for cats who just have to scratch something


I have furniture. I also have a bicycle with tires that attract cat attention. And yes, I have cats. Cats sometimes just have to scratch. It seems to be part of their nature that cannot be deconditioned. So, I give them things they want to scratch. Like these inexpensive scratchers. They come with a bag of catnip, which makes the cats enjoy scratching it even more. The texture of the corrugated cardboard is irresistible to my kitties as it is, because they can stop by and shred it with their razor sharp claws and it seems to feel good as they do it. They still scratch my bicycle and sometimes a corner of my couch where they have torn through the surface, but they seem to do it less when they have these scratchers available. They are inexpensive and only seem to need replacement every few months when the cats wear them out and the texture evens out and loses the grooves they like to sink their nails into. They prefer new scratchers and show renewed interest when I bring them a new one and add the catnip. The blissful expressions on their faces as they delve into clawing these scratchers makes it worth it to keep several available all around the house.



My Cats Love It!


I was initially skeptical, wondering if my cats really needed a super sized scratcher. It seemed a bit excessive. I had to replace their current scratcher and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did and so are they! I bought this to replace a normal width flat cardboard scratcher which I already knew that my cats enjoyed. I didn't think a wider scratcher would be that exciting. Apparently it was. I removed the old scratcher, sprinkled on the catnip, and set this in the spot the old one had occupied. After just a few moments the scratcher was in use - being scratched on, rolled on, and later, slept on! It was a hit! My cats are adults so they appreciate the extra width and actually do a diagonal scratch once in a while just because they can. I highly recommend this well made product. It's a sure hit with the kitties! It would also make an awesome gift for a friend or relative who has kitties!

Vernon Rockville, CT


My cats love this scratcher


My cats love this scratcher. It doesn't really make a mess and I love that I can put catnip in it. The cats go straight for it to scratch because of the catnip and it saves my furniture. I don't think I'll buy expensive scratchers again, because they prefer these. They also sit on them like beds. So who needs expensive cat beds too!

Chicago, IL


SuperScratcher saved my funiture


Thank goodness for this handy thing.  I have a cat thats too old to declaw.  She started clawing on my carpet and window seals.  I love this scratcher mainly because it gives her something to claw instead of my carpet and windows.  You can find this in about any store.  They are fairly cheap and comes in different sizes.  It also comes with catnip.  One bad thing is that it leaves shreaded cardboard pieces on the floor everytime she uses it.  But this is the best thing I found for her to use at a cheap price.  I will continue to buy this for her.

Forest City, MO


The SmartyKat Scratcher saves my couch!


As far as scratchers go, this is definitely a great prduct. Both of my cats really love this scratcher, and I try to have two or three around the house at one time. Neither of my cats are declawed because I like the option of being able to let them go outside. On days that the weather doesn't let me put them outside to play these disposable scratchers provide my cats a safe place to scratch without ruining my furniture. They tend to last a pretty long time. I can get a good four to six months out of each one before I have to replace it. It is also great to note that you can turn the scratcher over in the box when the top side gets worn out. The only downside is having to sweep up the pieces of cardboard that end up on the floor when the cats are done, but that's much better than having to repair or replace furniture. The price is pretty good for this product, definitely more affodable than some of the larger permanent rope and carpet options that are available.

Cunningham, TN


Scratcher or Psedo Litter Box?


I don't know about you but I have two cats (indoor always) and my furniture is taking quite the "beating" so to speak. When I found this product at my local store I thought it would be a welcome addition to my home. I rushed home to my beloved Shae and Marvin (my cats) and showed them their gift. With NO enthusiasm they sniffed at it and walked away. I placed it by my couch hoping to yet save the corner from being shredded and called it a night. The next morning I woke up and started for the coffee pot. When I came up the hallway I noticed a smell. Those of you who have cats know what I am talking about. I entered the livingroom to find the cat scratcher had been used as a litter box! I kid you not. I was in awe. It went in the trash and to this day I have no idea what came over the one who used it as a litter box. The reasoning I can even think is one of two things... 1.) The earth friendly, bio-degradable cardboard or whatever it was was plus the shape reminded them of a litter box or 2.) they simply didn't like it a bit and did that to let me know they didn't like it. Either way, message received. Cats declawed.

Jamestown, TN


This SmartyKat SuperScratcher is good on a budget.


As a way to try and keep my cat from scratching the furniture without declawing her, I decided upon trimming her claws and getting her this SmartyKat SuperScratcher.  My cat LOVES these cat scratchers.  Catnip hasn't ever had an effect on her, so these even work on her without the catnip.  She uses them so much, I have three scattered throughout the house; it's a good thing that these scratchers come relatively cheap.  They last quite a while, in fact, I haven't had to replace any.   It's nice that these come in several different sizes, and one I prefer is the slim one.  This way I can have these scratchers against the wall where the door opens and it is less noticeable. The only problem I have ad with these cat scratchers is that the outer case of it is made of cardboard, and though that is part of why it is so cheap, my cat is a jerk and chews the outside and tosses it all around the floor.  Though this small aspect won't stop me from buying more in the future.  

Gilbert, AZ


My Cat Doesn't Scratch My Furniture, Thanks to SuperScratcher!


My cat, during the day, always scratches my door, and when we first purchased this product, my cat focused more on the board to scratch than the door. This really helps! What's also good is that you can just buy refills and re-use the box. It's cheap too! The cons of it is that it gets messy with the paper surround it. Sometimes, it provides with catnip. And you would have to refill it many times. That's why you need to flip it, to save some money. But my cat does have fun scratching it, almost everyday.

Houston, TX


Bomb at our house


I cannot lie.  If I like a product I will give it a great review but i did not like this product for us. First off my cats did not like that it was flat on the ground.  They wanted it to be standing up in more of a pyramid shape so that they could get to it.  It seemed to slide all around on the floor and was not stationary so it has caused a lot of grief for them and my family cuz it keeps moving.  i have also noticed that if there is not cat nip on it they won;t even bother with it. it doesn't strike their attention like I thought it would so I feel like I spent my money on something that i really just want to throw away.  I do like that it is made of all natural material so that I know that it is safe for the cats and for the environment.  I can see that if someone only had one cat that it might possibly work but with the three cats that i have it seems to be a waist of money and I wish i would have bought something bigger and more practical for our family.

Smyrna, TN


Who would of thought?


This is an awesome item for some cats, not all of them seem to really enjoy it as much as scratching on the walls of my home...(It is a mess)...let me tell you ! I normally sprinkle a little catnip on the scratcher to attract the cats, which will get them over to it immediatley. They seem to be quite attracted to the cardboard, oddly and they begin to run their claws along it, usually creating a bit of a mess as the cardboard flies. I even have cats who like to sleep on the wider verison of the scratcher, but where don't they like to sleep? They tend to get bored of the scratcher after awhile, which is kind of harsh BUT I have noticed that with cats, if you move a toy to a new room or even just a new spot in the same room, they will go for it again, which helps ! If you can train them to use this instead of scratching your walls or furniture it is a wonderful training tool and alternative ! I recommend it !

Satsuma, AL


SmartyKat SuperScratcher

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