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SmartyKat BouncyMouse interactive cat toy

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Not impressed!


I am very underwhelmed with this toy, and I think my cat was as well. I purchased it when I was going to be away for a couple of days, thinking that this was a toy that my cat, Mike, could play with on his own (as opposed to requiring human interaction). Also, the toy is very cute--not a realistic looking mouse, but more a cartoon version of a mouse. I attached it securely to a door knob and hoped for the best. My cat preceded to ignore the bouncy mouse toy while it hung on the door. Finally, I attempted to engage him with the toy by dangling it over him when he was in a playful mood. Eventually he batted at it half-heartedly but never seemed totally sold on the toy. Once I finally got him to play with it, the string abruptly snapped on the toy. This toy does not seem to be of very high quality. I trimmed the broken string, so the mouse could still be used to bat around the floor, but my cat continues to ignore the mouse most of the time. I wish I had saved my money!


Chesterfield, MO


My cat's second-favorite toy!


Since my cat Cool was my first indoor cat, I was unsure of what to buy for him to play with, so I bought a mixture.  He ignored the feathers-on-a-string and ran away from motorized ball, but seems to really love his bouncy mice!  He's got three of them hanging in different areas of the house and he makes good use of all of them.  A cheap but effective way to keep your kitties entertained.


Vinemont, AL


Exercise and entertainment


So many toys out there and so little space to house them all. As far as toys goes this is one that is certainly entertaining for the cats but the life expectancy is a bit limited do to the cheap string. I like to have control over the catnip and this is one great toy that is nip free. If I wanted to add it I could, but I enjoy the fact that I can monitor the amount of exposure mu kitties have to it. This can be both an interactive toy or one they play with on thier own but do be careful as time goes by to check the string. They may well break it. It also doesn't hurt when you step on it at night.


San Jose, CA


Sofia & Gina say it has potential


**Do you often try new cat toys for your furry friends?**  I brought home a furry little fellow on the end of an elastic band (something to bat around) and it wasn't long before my two girls had pulled it down and carried it away.   I'll have to find a more secure way to hang it, and I think we have a good toy on our hands.  I imagine they will eventually chew it from the elastic, but at this price, I'll get another. The Bottom line:  ***Libby Likes It.*** ****


Sanibel, FL


SmartyKat BouncyMouse interactive cat toy

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