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Smartware Silicone Cookie Sheet

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It is as Smart as it's Name


I was very skeptical about using these silicone cookie sheets when I first saw them in the store. For the life of me I could not and still can't figure out why they do not melt when you cook on them. You use these on top of your regular metal cookie pan. I have used these for the past couple of nights for my holidqy bqking and am delighted with the results. My cookies have come out evenly cooked and have not stuck to the pan at all. I also cooked rolls on it for dinner and heated up pizza slices. The smartware cookie sheet is versatile and works for more than just cookies. Anything you cook on a flat sheet , you could use this for. They are reasonably priced and well worth it. They clean up super easy with a minimum of fuss, , just gently wash and rinse, everything comes right off. I really enjoy baking when what you are making does not stick. I am going to get a couple more. Performance Superior performance Ease of Cleaning Clean up is a breeze Durability Ver durable Design Good design Doesn't Stick Nothing sticks to this

New Egypt, NJ


Cheap silpat alternative that works just as well-smartware


At first when I used this I had my doubts as far as whether or not it was going to be on the same level as the product that it is probably imitating: that is, silpat. It seemed to be just a roll a silicone that you can use just as you would a silpat or failing that, a roll of parchment paper.  You can imagine my surprise when I took my batch of cookies out of the oven without any sticking.  Yes it works exactly as a silpat would, at a fraction of the cost.  Since I actually do own silpats to compare to, I can safely make this comparison.  I also can say that the silpat is slightly more nonstick than this sheet is, but for that slight difference, it doesn't reflect on its usage: you will get similar results to the more expensive silpat. What I like using this sheet for is rolling out doughs and pie crusts---although probably not designed solely for this use, it works out quite well!  This fact alone lends itself to buying 2: one for the oven and one for over the counter!

Beverly Hills, CA


A must have for every cook,,beginners to pros


The SmartWare cookie sheet is actually a silicone liner to place on any metal pan. It turns the old, ugly , sticking pan into a cooks dream. Cookies, biscuits, or any baked product slides off the pan with ease since the silicone is non stick. Cookies brown evenly and biscuits cook perfectly on this cookie sheet. It is also great as a liner for roasting meats. Just slide the cookie sheet into a big roasting pan and place meats or vegetables on it and slide it in the oven. Meats, even ribs with barbeque sauce on them does not stick. I love cinnamon rolls and sticky buns but hate the clean up. I have thrown away many pans because the brown sugar hardened on the pan or the buns were burned into the pan. Foil pans are too expensive and are not environmentally friendly. The SmartWare silicone cookie sheet is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It is also easy to store, just roll it up and slide it into a drawer until you need it again, which I guarantee will be very soon. These make great gifts for weddings, or for students moving out on their own..

Pinson, AL


Smartware Silicone Cookie Sheet

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