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SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

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Fantastic scratching post for large cats


This was winner of 2004 Cat Fancy Editor's Choice Award. My cat is very large and I first bought a scratching post on sale which was only about 15" high. Poor thing looked like he was on his knees when using it and it was scratched to shreds. When I purchased the Ultimate Scratching post for him it was a joy to watch him as he started out on his knees and I could not stop laughing. He now reaches as high as possible when using it. Some days he will be sitting at base and have his head tilted back as far as possible looking up to top of it which made me think of someone looking at Eiffel Tower. Perhaps he is in awe of it and thought it was a dream to have something so awesome. It is made of fibrous durable sisal material. Base is 16"x16. It is 32" high and very sturdy. The only assembly is attaching base with couple of screws so it will not wobble. It has very high reviews and without a doubt it is best one I have ever purchased. As soon as he awakens in morning he runs over to post to scratch and then runs around the room as fast as possible to start the day.

Fond Du Lac, WI


SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

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