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Smart Solar
Smart Solar 20 Butterfly Solar Color LED String Light Set


Solar powered decorative string lights; 20 energy-saving multi color LED with translucent butterfly covers on a 17.25 ft string, 5.5” spacing with an 8.5 ft. lead wire. Powered by a separate amorphous solar panel allowing lights to be placed in shady areas. Automatically illuminates during darkness. No wiring, simply install and enjoy. Replaceable rechargeable battery pack; up to6 hours of light each night when fully charged. Product Dimensions - 17.25 ft of string, 5.5” spacing between each light with a 8.5 ft. lead wire

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Butterflies are my fave things


would like to have these soon..im working on my sunroom and would look nice in it



Beautiful lights


I absolutely adore these lights. I got a couple strings of them to wrap around the deck off the back of my house in the summertime. I'm not sure if they would last through the winter, living in the north I brought them inside before it started snowing just in case. When they're not lit, the butterflies are a medium pink color and when they are lit they're red, green and blue. They stay brightly lit for most of the evening, then a few hours after the sun sets they switch to a dimmer light. I've seen them still light early in the morning hours when I'm getting ready to leave for class. All my friends love them and ask where I got them when they come over for dinner parties. I would definitely recommend these.



Such a beautiful addition to my garden!


I have nothing bad to say about these Smart Solar 20 Butterfly Solar Color LED String Light Set. They are such a clever and innovative idea on creating a new and stunning decorative look to any outdoor area. I'm sure they would look beautiful indoors as well but I don't think they would get enough lighting to get full use out of the LED solar powered feature. I put these in the shrubs that outline my garden and it brought my garden to life! Everyone I know who visits notices them immediately and compliments them. They were super easy to put up and they work like a charm. I got them at a great price and they are worth every penny. I plan on buying a couple more sets because I love butterflies and have plenty of other ideas as to where to put them outside my home. I highly recommend these beautiful butterflies to everyone I know. I have gone as far as to post them on social media and recommend them that way as well. I am 100% satisfied with this purchase. My toddler thinks they are the coolest thing he's ever seen! I literally have complete strangers walk by my house and if I'm outside on the porch I see them stop and look and converse about them. They ask me about them and genuinely seem interested in purchasing them for their own home.

Dallastown, PA


Smart Solar 20 Butterfly Solar Color LED String Light Set

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