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Smart Planet
Smart Planet Margarita To-Go-Go Blender

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Smart Planet margarita to go-go blender


This was a gift that I would not recommend giving to anyone, even a margarita lover like me. Here's how it works: you put the ingredients in the plastic drinking glass, screw the blade top on it, and stick it upside down onto the blender base. You're blending and drinking in the same glass. Since the top of the glass has to fit snugly into the blade top, there's no room for salt on the rim of the glass. This blender is portable, but since it only makes one drink at a time, with a maximum capacity of 2/3 cup, it isn't the best choice to take to a party. According to the manual, it also cannot be used for hot beverages, and all food and ice must be cut into very small pieces. It cannot be run for more that one minute per use, then has to sit for another minute to cool down. And if you blend more than 3 drinks, it has to rest for 15-20 minutes. Better to buy a quality blender and blend as much as you like.

Buffalo, NY


Smart Planet Margarita To-Go-Go Blender

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